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Here's how I use them:

I bought some whirlfloc once, and now I leave the finings in the cupboard when I brew. That is all.
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I have cold, uncarbonated beer in a keg. I added gelatin to it about 5 days ago. Am I safe to force carb it and drink from the same keg, or do I need to rack it to a new keg before I add the carbonation? I'm just thinking the gelatin might clog up the diptube.
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Originally Posted by steinsato View Post
I have cold, uncarbonated beer in a keg. I added gelatin to it about 5 days ago. Am I safe to force carb it and drink from the same keg, or do I need to rack it to a new keg before I add the carbonation? I'm just thinking the gelatin might clog up the diptube.

Nah. You are good to go.

The first couple of drafts with be cloudier than the next couple. Everytime you move the keg it will release more junk onto the clear spot the dip tube has made for itself.

What I tend to do is draw off the first two cloudy ones. Then move the keg a bit and then wait a day. I then draw one or two more. After that you are golden.

Go ahead and bump the keg with some gas while your at it. You want to fix the seal with some internal psi.

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Doesn't it make more sense to cold crash the beer for a couple days (2-3), add the gelatin and let that sit in the cold for a few more days (3-5), THEN transfer it to the keg or bottle? Seems like you would get alot less 'goo' that way.

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Feb 2011
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seems like alot of you guys are using gelatin for kegging, if i were to bottle using gelatin any downsides to it? Im not cold crashing my fermentors im new and just want to learn new ways to improve my brews. From what i have read i was thinkinng about adding gelatin to my secondary 4-5days before bottling would this help clear the beer up?

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Yes. You can also add gelatin to the primary and skip the secondary. You choose, both will work.

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Old 03-07-2011, 11:29 PM   #27
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I can't wait to clear my first batch with gelatin! I got a steal of a deal on a pound of the stuff from an oddball nutrition supplement site. It should last me a decade or so.

From the pictures I've seen on the interwebs, it looks like gelatin performs miracles!
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I have to revive this one to get some opinions.

I've got 5 gals of a Summer Blonde + 5 Gals of an Imperial IPA ready to be botteled on Saturday. If I add gelatin to the room temp carboys tonight (Thursday), Crash cool both in a fridge for 36hrs then bottle Sat afternoon will I be good to go, or does the carboys need to sit longer for the gelatin to work? Also, after botteling the bottles will condition at 70 degrees for at least 2 weeks. Any visible issues with this plan?

Thanks HB Nation!

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Old 03-20-2012, 03:39 PM   #29
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I have a batch of New England Apple Ale 4 days into primary and it came out really cloudy. I don't have the ability to cold crash yet and was wondering the best way to use gelatin at this point. From what I've read I was thinking today or tomarrow would be best. Idk though, so any advice would be great! (If it matters- Planning- 7-10 day Primary and a 1-2week secondary then into bottles.)

Anything helps! Thanx

Also- I forgot my Irish moss during the boil. Is there any way to supplement now or is it best to just leave it? Just a thought. Thanx

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Secondary- Empty
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So can you dump gelatin into your keg, then hook up with c02 after a few days?

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