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Originally Posted by larrybrewer View Post
Its been pretty warm in Oregon, above 85 recently. Not exactly the kind of weather I want to be boiling the kettle, indoors or out doors. I've got plenty of home brew saved up and I don't plan to brew again until fall.
85, huh?
it's been mid 90s, temp AND humidity here in tampa this week, but i got in an altbier and a gruit in the driveway. i put up a tarp overhead and had a few cold ones in the fridge.

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Whipped up some pumpkin ale and it was 92*F per the trusty thermometer in my truck on the way to the store...

Apparently I got a little sunburn as well today... Ugh...
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Go brew a saison! I just brewed one today and am excited to let it roll at 82 degrees.

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it's been 110+ down here in southern az and i'm still brewing.
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It's been a real a** scorcher this summer with temps in the high nineties to low 100's.
Brew orders arrive at the end of a hot day after being baked 10 hours in a delivery van.

My old POS fermentation fridge in the garage is hanging tough so far. I'm brewing some. But I have more plans for this "fall".
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Jun 2009
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I would LOVE an 85* day. Maybe in November...sigh. We have 100* days and humidty so high that you brake a sweat reaching for the towel when you step out of the shower.

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Yep, it was 100+ on Saturday when I brewed, I brewed 8 gallons instead of my normal 5 gallons and the immersion chiller could only get the wort down to 110F.

I just put it in the fermentors and stuck in the back room while I fed the yeast with some of the new wort for a day.

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Lil' Sparky
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My last two brew days have been ~ 100º. Our ground water is almost 90º. Lots of ice (and sweat) required for each brew. It's brutal, but if I don't brew, I don't have homebrew to drink.
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Our ground water is almost 90º
For me this is the biggest problem. I don't mind sweating, but since I don't have a pre-chiller yet the carboy has to sit in the fridge overnight before I can pitch yeast.

Plus with a pre-chiller, a metric crap-ton of ice doesn't sound like fun.
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Brewed yesterday in mid-90s...same prob here with chilling. I just let the IC take it to mid-80s and then put the carboy in a water bath (or fridge for a lager). I pitched a few hours later @ ~63 F.

Lagers are a little easier during summer for me. The chilling part isn't but maintaining proper ferm temp def is.
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