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Jul 2009
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That is funny and true, Michelob Ultra is BAD IMO. I think the worst is Heineken Greenlite, but I dislike most green bottled beers...Always skunky to me.
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Originally Posted by Mutilated1 View Post
I like to drink light beers, but I never have like Michelob Ultra that much. It just tastes too much like nothing. I'd much rather drink Busch Light or Millwaukee's Best Light than Michelob Ultra.

And Miller Genuine Draft 64 is pretty worthless too.
I actually bought a 30 pack of Keystone light because it was the cheapest I have ever seen it (at the asian store of course, wasn't expecting to buy beer there but oh well) it was 11.99 for 30 cans... it should be a great pool side beer to give to people that don't want my homebrew.

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it's inevitable... dinosaurs will die. with advertising like that it shouldn't take long.
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Originally Posted by ChshreCat View Post
Anyone hear the radio ads on right now for Michelob Ultra?

It talks about going up to the bar and trying to choose a beer with so many choices. Then the announcer says...

"If you've tasted Michelob Ultra... you wouldn't give it a second thought."

Now... do you think they MEANT it the way I take it?

I love it when something like that makes it out to the public. Seems like someone would've caught that one. I think my favorite was back in the late 80's. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was popular and they made these fried pies with the pudding inside them based on the Ninja Turtles. First of all, the pudding was green. If that weren't nasty enough the commercial's tag line was "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies: Fresh from the Sewer to You." Yeah. I want a green "pudding" pie that came from the sewer...

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