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Jul 2008
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I was about to bottle today after lagering my Chimay clone in my converted chest freezer for two months. To help the carbonation along, I applied some CO2 to the keg for three days. I was then going to let the keg warm up to room temperature and then add another litter of candy sugar solution spiked with more Belgian yeast. Should I let the new yeast do its job in the keg or can I go ahead and bottle it now? I don't want to create CO2 time bombs.

I do plan on using the Belgian style bottles with corks and wire ties. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Jan 2009
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never used the belgian bottles but i wouldn't do it.candy sugar is more fermentable than dextrose.so unless your planning on putting in less than 3/4 cup you'll probably have some bombs on yer hands.

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+1 on what Joos said.
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Since it's already in a keg and connected to the gas I wouldn't add yeast or fermentables now.
One reason for lagering is to clear out the sediment and this would stir things up again.
If you still want to bottle, check out this thread:
Carb the beer up to the way you like it.
Then turn the gas down to 5 psi and fill cold bottles with the BMBF.
I've carbed wheat beers up to 3.5 volumes (20 psi at 33F) and bottled with this method.

I'm not sure, but isn't a liter of candi syrup like 3 or 4 pounds?
If so, that's way too much for a 5 gallon batch.
Depending on the amount of residual carbonation from fermentation,
priming calls for 4 to 8 ounces (by weight) of corn sugar.
Candi syrup has some water in it and is less fermentable than dextrose, so it would take more.
There's probably a calculator on the interwebz that will give you a precise amount.
And you need to be precise - too little priming means flat beer, too much means bottle bombs or gushers.

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