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That is the reading I am getting from 3 different guages at 4 different water sources.


What do you suppose that has been doing to my appliances?

No wonder I go through water hoses like they're made of spaghetti. Time to call my plumber, I suppose, and see about a pressure reducing valve.

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yeah at my old house it was 101psi
i got a regulator from the water company
ans put it inline after the meter
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Yeah, plumb in a regulator after your in-house cutoff valve. That level of pressure is tough on toilets and water heaters.

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I bet the showers work awesome
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I'm sure they'll peel the skin right off of yuh.

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Better than the low flo ones

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I pry out the little regulator from my shower heads. I hate low pressure showers.
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We have a double head shower head in a walk-in shower (previous owner was wheelchair bound). Double head is awesome but the pressure was way too low. Took out the restrictor. Now the pressure can knock you over when opened all the way up.. The only problem is that the 50 gallon water heater goes empty before you're through with your shower!
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My business partner's neighborhood got a pressure upgrade about 3 years ago. Every house over 30 years old had something develop leaks or explode. She was luck, as most of her house's plumbing is in a utility room under the house. A few leaky joints ...

and the water meter.

My house sits higher than the base of the water tank for the district, so on hot days (like today) I may not have any water. At least that was the case before I added a surge tank. That gives me 15 gallons in reserve.
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crap 110 psi? that is a bit on the high side for municipal water. At leas for Florida. Normally they run about 70 psi. I have heard that they bump the water pressure to increase usage and billing, but 110 pounds is an awful lot. I would call your water company and ask what is up, or to put a pressure regulating valve at the meter.

I can tell you that my local water company jacked up the pressure on me and it screwed with my toilet fill valves. The work on a pressure differential between the line pressure and the pressure from the water above it. When they jacked up the pressure the fill line moved up and they ran slowly for what must have been a few days before I adjusted them. Doubled my water and sewage bill for the month
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