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Jul 2009
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UPDATE 9-3-2009: I am adding this to my first post so those having issues with Nottingham Batch #1081140118V exp 1-2011 can spot this right away. I thank Lallemand and Keith Lemcke for this offer and customer service.

Originally Posted by klemcke View Post
We have done some internal quality checks that have shown that a higher than normal percentage of Nottingham yeast in 11 gram sachet packs from batch #1081140118V (expiration date of Jan. 2011) exhibit slow fermentation characteristics. While this is not affecting the majority of packages from this batch, as a safeguard we would like to replace sachets of this batch of Nottingham with new inventory from a different batch. If you have any Nottingham yeast with this batch number, please return it by mail to:

Lallemand Inc.
Attn: Marie Coppet
6100 Royalmount
Montreal, QC, Canada
H4P 2R2

We will replace each sachet sent along with extra sachets to compensate you for postage costs. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your support. Should you have any questions, please contact our Montreal order desk by e-mail at [email protected] .

Keith Lemcke
Danstar Yeast Sales
I would suggest for all homebrewers to record not only the yeast used but the batch# and exp date. This will help you and the community should an issue like this arise. Good record keeping and notes will also help you become a better brewer.

Original first post from 7-21-2009 follows:
I have read here that a few others seem to be having issues with Nottingham slow starting lately. Is this the case with the "New" Nottingham?

On the morning of the 4th of July I brewed an Irish Red from a Midwest Extract kit. I put the Muntuns yeast in the fridge and used an old Nottingham packet I found in there. I thought if it is not viable I will quickly know and I will pitch the Muntuns. After I cooled the wort to 70 F with my immersion chiller, I aerated, put in the fermenter (glass 6.5 gallon carboy) and pitched my rehydrated yeast. I put it into my newly built fermentarator and set it for 61. No need for me to worry at all, I pitched around 5 AM and by 10 AM I had signs of activity, I was gone the rest of the day but by the time I got home after fireworks that evening there was a nice healthy fermentation going a good krausen and that lovely glugging in the airlock. It is what I have come to expect from Nottingham every time I have used it.

This last Saturday July 18, I brewed 2 batches. I ordered Malt, Hops, 6 packets of Nottingham and a Barley Crusher Malt Mill. I have now put together a workable all grain system. So first time all grain, I used beersmith to design a Schwarzbier that I planned to brew as an ale, and for something different decided I would like to try the Graff. I made a few minor changes to the Graff recipe increasing the grain bill to a pound and using 0.25 lb of Crystal 40, 0.15 lb of Melanoidin, and 0.6 lb of Munich. I did not have any terrified wheat. I thought to try an ounce or 2 of flaked barley or oats but some thoughts are fleeting. I mashed according to the recipe listed on this site only increasing the water and during boil I added 2 lbs of Light DME. I cooled with the immersion chiller to 70 deg F, rehydrated the yeast same as I do every time, Mixed and aerated via sloshing 4 gallons of Cider at room temp triple checked to be sure it was only Vitamin C listed and no other preservatives. Pitched the yeast and put it into the Fermentarator set for 61 degrees. OG 1.060

On to the Schwarzbier I already had this started I can post the recipe if need be, but other than using a wide variety of specialty grains, I used about 6 lbs of Munich and about 3.5 of Pilsner (2 Row) for the base grains, the only thing other than ale yeast out of style was the addition of Seeds of Paradise. I unfortunately forgot to add them to the boil so I lightly cracked them with a mortar and pestle and tossed them into the fermenter. I chilled with immersion chiller same as before to 70 deg F, aerated, added to fermenter pitched rehydrated yeast and set into the fermentarator. OG 1.043 (a little low on efficiency I need to review my Mash procedures)

Sunday morning check temp 61 degrees open fermentarator no action in either vessel in fact I notice the pressure is lower inside the carboys than out as water leans in not worried at all just taking mental notes, I changed the ice, checked the fan operation, and turn it up a degree for luck. Came home that night and still no action, still has lower pressure inside both vessels. Now I am slightly concerned, 24 hrs with Nottingham and No Activity… I tell myself not to sweat it but that it would not hurt to pitch another packet. I rehydrate another packet and pitch 2/3rds into the Graff and 1/3 into the Schwarz. I turn the fermentarator up another degree.

Monday morning temp good, I open it up, still nothing about 36 hours in now and I cannot see any signs of a start to fermentation. I close it up and go to work. I stew about it all morning and barely get an ounce of work done. I go home at lunch to peek. The Schwarz looks as though it has built a little pressure, the Graff not as much. Is the yeast coming to life? Or has a 1 deg f change increased the volume of air inside the carboys that much… I am really beating myself up now. Last night Approaching 48 hours, and no signs of a change since earlier I pitch a packet of Muntuns to each no rehydrating just threw it in on top. I contemplated putting the fermentarator to the upper 60’s but set it to 64. This morning there were signs of yeast colonies forming all over the top of the Schwarz and what looked like a single large colony in one spot on top of the Graff. I am tempted to go home at lunch and peek.

PS. Irish Red was kegged that night. I am still setting up my Kegerator but the small bit I tried was good even if it was a bit green

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New Notty has been starting slow for me, but it's been getting the job done. In fact, just last night I checked a barley wine and was shocked. In a 4 gallon batch that started at a combined OG of 1.095 (the fermentables were added in two stages), one packet of new Notty pulled it down to -- get this -- 1.012! I didn't believe it and checked it three times, bobbing the hydrometer up and down in the thief. I know that the thief isn't always the most accurate vessel to use for checking gravity and I'll recheck in the bottling bucket, but I kept coming up with 1.012. Go figure.

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That is very peculiar. I wonder what is going on? That lag time is undesirable IMO...

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Jul 2009
Twin Ports
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That makes me feel a bit better hearing that kind of success, with a slow start.

I more than peeked at lunch. The Schwarzbier looks like its going to take off soon. It was slowly bubling the airlock and a good layer of yeast across the top. I suspect a full krausen soon. The Graff had the Huge yeast colony on top and what looks like more forming. I decided to give it a good swirl and a bit of a slosh to break those up. Airlock bubbled a bit in response. So hopefully by tonight both are in full ferment mode.

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Oct 2008
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This happened to me, i pitched a packet of hydrated notty yeast and didn't get clear fermentation until 36 hours later. In fact i almost pitched another packet of yeast since i've never waited this long for fermentation. I havn't looked, but did they decrease the cell number in each packet?
God i miss Northwest brews.....

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there is no reason not to make a starter with Dry yeast..

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Originally Posted by Arkador View Post
there is no reason not to make a starter with Dry yeast..
other than it's a waste of time and DME

IMO there's no reason at all to make a starter with dry. There's more than enough yeast is a packet of dry to adequately pitch a 5-gallon batch.

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Jul 2008
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Originally Posted by jwhirry View Post
I did not have any terrified wheat.
I've heard it's quite hard to scare

Sorry to hear folks are having issues with the new Notty, but it makes me glad I stocked up on the old recently.

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Same here - I actually posted my experience on EdWort's Pale Ale thread. I pitched one packet a few days ago and nothing. I then pitched another packet yesterday and now have a little activity. I think there must be a problem with the batches.

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Apr 2009
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I assume that I can tell the old from the new by the date on the package??

I plan to stock up soon.

What is the date on the new?


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