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The water was R/O to which was added gypsum, Epsom Salt, and salt to bring it to Ca-110ppm, Mg-118ppm, Na-17ppm, SO4-350ppm, Cl-50ppm.
Originally Posted by ocluke View Post
I've played with this in Beersmith, and there's just no way to get to that profile and still maintain zero HCO3 with reverse osmosis water. Does anyone know if and baking soda or chalk (calcium carbonate) is used in this recipe? If so, how much? I'd like to figure out how to actually achieve that water profile.
No, there isn't because the sulfate and chloride are insufficient to balance the calcium, magnesium and sodium

Allowing enough bicarbonate to render the water neutral an exact (theoretically) synthesis at pH 7 can be had by adding to each liter of deionized water:
CaCl2 76.92 mg (Note - no water of hydration. This is the amount of CaCl2 you want and the amount of salt you weigh out depends on the amount of CaCl2 in the product you have.
NaCl ............... 1.41 mg
MgCl .............. 116.85 mg
CaSO4.2H2O.... 2.67 mg
MgSO4.7H2O....894.1 mg
CaCO3.............203.6 mg
NaHCO3............11.9 mg
Na2CO2........... 71.1 mg
CO2...............164.1 mg

You would have to weigh out the salts, suspend in the water and bubble CO2 through the water until the pH reaches 7. This synthesis will contain exactly the amounts of all the ions listed plus 329.5 mg/L bicarbonate. As soon as this water is heated calcium carbonate will precipitate. Seems like a lot of trouble to go to to get the chalk to dissolve only to have it fall right back out. Speaks to the folly of trying to match profiles.

The magnesium chloride is necessary because if you don't use it your only source of magnesium is Epsom salts and to get enough mangesium you have to overshoot sulfate. A solution in which sulfate is high by 12% while magnesium is low by 16% is possible without MgCl2.

A solution without CO2 is possible in which calcium is 10% low, magnesium is 31% low, sulfate is 23% high and chloride is 3% high is also possible. This requires food grade sulfuric acid.

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Originally Posted by Schnibbz View Post
Here is a link to Tasty's water additions:
This makes a lot more sense. Thanks for sharing. I also reached out to Tasty and asked him. Even though he quotes 350 PPM S04, he said he actually uses 305 (or in the post you shared, 307.9) to get the Mg into the 18 PPM range.

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