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My first attempt at dry hopping in secondary was not great. Just not much aroma. I used 1 oz of centennial or cascade.

This last time I tied a bag to the dip tube of my corny and put the hops in there. Hopefully they will not break loose. Should be getting close to serving time in next few days (still way too young though).
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Since I rarely use secondaries, I dry hop with pellets directly into the primary at the end of fermentation for ~10 days. Then I put a paint/grain bag over my racking cane and rack it into the bottling bucket to filter out all of the junk.

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at week 2 I throw hops in primary,(no hop bag) then at week 3 I crash cool it for a week. it always settles out,pellets or cones.

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I only use whole hops that a fresh for dry hop in secondary. It made a huge difference. I ususally order my hops from hops direct. Makes me think your hops may not be the freshest. Not sure of your source, but you may want to find one that deals in a high volume.

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May 2009
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4 oz seems like a boatload of hops. I made up an APA with a great hop aroma and just tossed pellet hops into my primary about 5-6 days out from bottling. I guess it could be the gelatin, or maybe just lousy hops.
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I dry hop in the keg with a hop bag and it's fantastic you dont lose any aroma over time.


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Best way for me to dry hop in a keg is to clamp the bag on a 4-6 inch string to the inner lid, right on the inside of the pressure relief valve. That way you only have to remove the lid to lift out the hops, and don't risk contamination by reaching into the keg. I use the screw-tightened hose clamp jigga-bobs to attach the string to the relief valve.
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3 things that have already been touched on;

1. Temperature, Vinnie suggests getting the temp up to 72 degrees for dryhoppping.

2. Multiple additions, Vinnie also suggests adding smaller amounts of hops over several days. Try mixing varieties.

3. Gelatin, I definitely would NOT add gelatin at the same time as the hops. Gelatin is used as a fining agent after dryhopping. I add gelatin after my final cold crash.

Like this;

10-14 days primary
3 days cold crash primary
bring temp back up to 72 (36 hours with small space heater)
dry hop 3 oz. of hops every 3 days for a total of 9 days
cold crash 3 days
rack into corney bright tanks (dip tubes have been cut 1/4") hols at 36 degrees 3-5 days
rack into serving kegs and force carbonate.

Many different ways to go, just my .02


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