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Apr 2009
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I'm 4 batches into making all grain and I'm starting to make some darn fine beer, even if I say so myself. For now I'm trying to perfect an IPA before I move onto other styles (only because it's the style I'm most familiar with). However I cannot get any noticeable aroma from dry hopping. Last time I threw in 4 oz into the secondary (5 gallon batch). Here's my method:

- Primary 10 to 14 days + cold crash 3.
- Move to secondary, add gelatin + dry hop (pellets). 10 days then cold crash for 3. Bottle. Wait 3 weeks, chill for 1 week. Drink.

This produces crystal clear beer, but no aroma. I'm thinking of either reducing the time in secondary, or adding the dry hop later.

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May 2008
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I have never dry hopped with pellets before maybe the less surface area gives you less hop aroma. We will let someone chime in that has used both methods before
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If you dry hop with pellets without a hop bag make sure you filter into your bottling bucket. You can clog up a spring loaded bottle filler pretty quickly.

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Feb 2008
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What kind of hops are you using? For the ten days of dry hopping what temp are you at? The warmer it is the more it will extract from the hops.

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For my DFH clone, I only use 1.5 ounces of dry hops and get plenty of aroma. Four ounces should be almost overpowering. I assume you're using fresh hops (not ancient ones from years ago) and "good" dryhopping hops?

I've never used gelatin, so I can't speak to the effect that may have.
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Vinnie and Russian Rivers preaches that you should dry hop multiple times. say dry hop for 5 days with an ounce, remove (easy for him with a conical ) dry hop again for 5 days with another ounce and maybe even a third time.

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It's just a hop to the left!

And then a step to tha' ri-iii-ght!

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Pay close attention to the hop you are using and it's Beta levels.

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Apr 2009
San Diego, CA
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Originally Posted by Tonedef131 View Post
What kind of hops are you using? For the ten days of dry hopping what temp are you at? The warmer it is the more it will extract from the hops.
2oz Centennial + 2oz Simcoe at 65 degrees for 10 days, then 3 days at 38. I'm using pellets (no hop bag). Before I transfer to the bottling bucket I run off about 1/2 a pint of hop gunk so that nothing gets into the bottles.

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Aug 2008
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I dry hop a lot of my beers, this is what seems to get me the most flavor and aroma for me:

- rack to secondary after a 10-14 day primary (assuming FG has been reached)
- leave the beer in secondary carboy for 1 full week.
- add dry hops (I prefer whole leaf, no bag) to the carboy and leave for another week
- rack to keg or bottling bucket and wait for 3 weeks to age/carbonate

I don't crash cool or use gelatin, I only use whirfloc or IM in the boil. The beer is almost always clear by the time I put in the dry hops. The thing that seemed to make the biggest difference for me was waiting the first week in secondary before adding the hops - by that time there is no significant CO2 being released to carry out the aroma from the hops. Then the beer goes straight off the hops and into the keg or bottle.
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Jan 2009
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I'm not too familiar with using gelatin, but if you are adding pellet hops and the gelatin together, maybe it's grabbing the hop particles and pulling them down before they have enough contact time with the beer? I agree that you should be getting something from 4oz, I've done 2oz before and got plenty of flavor and aroma.

With your dual cold crashing do you really think you need the gelatin? I made a perfectly clear IPA with a good cold break and an extended primary, no cold crashing, no gelatin.

Not coming ffrom experience, so take it for what you will.

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