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So, I just made a batch of apfelwein for the first time. I'm wondering if it can be left in light, or do I need to store it like my beer in a cold, dark room? I figured that since it doesn't contain hops, it should be fine. Any input from all you pros?
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I wouldn't store it in direct sunlight simply because it would be bad practice, and of course you want to keep your temps within reason. Having said that, you are correct there are no hops to skunk it. Personally, I just throw a black or dark colored t-shirt over my Better Bottle when making Apfelwien to eliminate any possibility of light from posing even the slightest problem.\

BTW your blog on the Randall is quite interesting.
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Thanks for the help. The closet I store all my fermenting beers in is somewhat full right now. I'm wanting to brew again this weekend but I was concerned I didn't have space unless I could move the apfelwein. I guess I can hold off on brewing another batch for a few more weeks.

Thanks for the blog input also. I'm completely in love with my Randall since building it, and I suggest every hophead makes one for themselves.
He who drinks beer sleeps well. He who sleeps well cannot sin. He who does not sin goes to heaven.

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+1 on not in direct sunlight, but u don't have to put it in the dark. I just put a towel over it and call it a day
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Paper grocery bags with a hole cut in the bottom are my fave carboy covers.

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I keep mine on the kitchen floor. Not in direct sun but it's not dark by any stretch of the imagination.

All of my beer, however, sits in the dark recesses of my basement where it's so dark vampires would be happy.
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