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Nov 2006
Boston, MA
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So recently a friend of mine said he had some extra ingredients and couldnt use the for the rest of the summer and asked me if I wanted them. Of course being the economically minded individual I said yes please.

Now I knew that he brewed a lot but I had no idea that I was about to get what I got. And now out of nowhere I have over 140 lbs of assorted malts (wheat, pale, crystal, etc.) and 7lbs of different hops as well as a smack pack. And all the hops and malts are all organic as well since my friend has a good connection somewhere.

My question is, what does one do with all of this stuff? I have mainly been, until now, an extract brewer but it seems as though I will at least have to move into partial mash brewing. However I cant even fathom using 7lbs of hops within the next two years since ill probably only brew ever other weekend at most. I am also heading back up to school in about two months as well and do not have a lot of time left to brew until at least the winter.

So some more specific are; How long can I keep the grains for before they go bad? If the hops are airtight sealed and in the freezer how long might they last? Would anyone be interested in buying or trading for some of this stuff? i am looking to get a good number of things to upgrade my brewing process.

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Jun 2008
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Maybe list the stuff you know you won't use, here in the classifieds section.

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Mar 2009
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Your buddy must buy a LOT of stuff it that's 'extra'....

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Apr 2009
Athens GA
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Send them my way! Seriously though, Im sure you could get rid of any and all those goodies on this forum in the classifieds, especially the hops...

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Correction: You USED to brew every other weekend...

Time to take a two week staycation and brew every day...
HB Bill

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Mar 2008
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Sell pounds of hops in the classifieds section and use that to invest in some AG equipment.

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Dec 2005
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Oh boo hoo, sucks to be you
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Sep 2008
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vaccuum seal what you can and look for a cheap allgrain setup. It certainly seems like you have plenty of stuff to experiment with!

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Feb 2009
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Originally Posted by Austin_ View Post
Sell pounds of hops in the classifieds section and use that to invest in some AG equipment.
I tried that with my hops and Yuri closed my ad. Go figure!

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GO to AG! Seriously, what's holding you back? It's very easy if you've already done several extract batches.

Also, if you just can't use it all, there may be someone local or on the forums who can use some ingredients.

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