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Jul 2006
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This is my 7th brew, but I've never messed up like this before. Here's the recipe:

4lbs Amber Extract
2lbs Pale Extract
1lb Orange Blossom Honey
2oz Cascade Hops at T=60
1oz Cascade Hops at T=15
Munton's Active Brewing Yeast
Raspberry Extract

The plan was to boil the wort, minus the honey, for 60 minutes. 2oz Cascade at boil, then 1oz Cascade when there were only 15 minutes left. Pasteurize the honey at 160-170 or so for about 30 minutes. Add 2-3oz of raspberry extract when I rack to secondary.

The problem is as follows.

I put the wort in my pot, but underestimated the size I would need for boiling. The wort began to boil and overflow my pot. I immediately turned the heat back and threw in the 2oz of hops, with the idea that the hops usually cut back the boil, but they did not do enough quickly enough and I still lost some liquid.

I managed to save the vast majority of the wort, and it's currently boiling in 3 pots on my stove. However, I'm afraid I lost a large portion of my hops to the overflow in the boil, since hops usually float. There weren't any of the pellets left in the overflow, but it looks like there are flecks of hops in it. I threw in 0.5oz of the flavoring hops at T=50 to try to make up for it, but that will only leave me with 0.5oz to throw in for flavoring.

I'm trying for a sweeter, lighter beer with a good flavor... a "girlie" beer, if you will, but something I can just kick back beer after beer of without filling my stomache, which is a problem I face with some of my other brews. Should I dry-hop at some point to make the beer more palatable?

As a side note, this is my first post here. Welcome to the forums, eh?

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First off, welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately I have some bad news:

What dry hopping does not add to the beer is bitterness. Boiling is necessary to convert the alpha acids in the hops to iso-alpha acids to create bitterness. To maintain your desired bitterness, you still need to add the bittering hops to the boil.

A great article on dry hopping from BYO:

Personally I would let it ferment out and you'll just have to see what kind of beer you get. Right now you really don't know what kind of bitterness it will have. Let it ride and report back in 6 weeks.
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You could always make a hop wine. Add the same amount of hops you lost to a gallon of water, maybe add a cup o' DME to it (I've heard that help bring out the oils in the hops) and boil for an hour. With whatever water is left after boiling, add that to the fermenter.

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I boil 7 gallons in my 8 gallon turkey fryer. I learned that it is real handy to have a spray bottle of water to spray on the foam. The spray breaks the surface tension of the bubbles and keeps it from boiling over. This works at all the stages where you can get a boil over.

Head over to Lowe's or Home Depot and pick up a new 1 liter spray bottle. Give a good couple of rinses and sanitize it. Then have it ready with fresh water at your next boil. Between the spray bottle and a spoon to stir the hops, your boil over days will be over.

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I also find an ice cube to be effective, if maybe a bit amateurish. It kills the boilover almost instantly.
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First, Cascades is a relatively low alpha acid hop, so the brew wasn't going to be all that bitter anyway. Second, the raspberry will probably be the main flavor/aroma. In a week, rack, add the raspberry & sample the ale. You can adjust the hopping without too much trouble, but I doubt you'll even notice with all the raspberry.

More bittering, boil 1/2 oz of hops in a pint of water for 60 minutes. Flavor 15 minutes. Since there are no sugars in the water, extraction efficiency will be high. Cool the water & add about 1/3 of it to the , mix well & sample.
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