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Ivan Lendl
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Ok before I used this yeast everything I read about it just said something to the effect that it has a spicy, peppery falvor. So I made an APA using it and I tried one last night after it was in the bottle for only 3 days just to see where its at. The beer tasted and smelled really alcoholic almost like a belgian ale and I was thinking maybe it was due to high ferm. temps (75-80) but today I got my 'williams brewing' catalogue and under thier t58 description it says "estery ale yeast good for belgian and wheat beers" so maybe its supposed to taste alcoholic? Isnt fusel alcohol a by product of high ferm temps? Im just hoping it mellows out after a few weeks in the bottle otherwise this beer is headed for the ****ter...(btw the og was only 1.050 so it shouldnt taste alcoholic at all)
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Beer Snob
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I used this in my last brew. Only problem with saying if it fits the first or second description is that the brew was a stout. The BPM certainly would mask out a spicy flavor... though it certainly does not taste alcoholic. When I bought it I was looking for the spicy and peppery flavor but perhaps this was the wrong brew for this flavor to come out in the yeast.

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I used this in my spiced ale, hoping it would deliver those peppery notes.
It's very sweet and has an abv of 10%. Also, I noticed it darkened considerably as it fermented. From a medium dark brown to reddish black. I kept fermenting temp between 62-68*f. Precarbonation tasting was great, but any experienced home brew knows to let it age a bit before you can tell what the final tastse is like. If its good, I'm thinking naming it something like 'dead frat boy'. Il post the recipe after I give it a few finished tastse.

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The suggested range is 59 to 68 so you fermented pretty hot which produced excessive amounts of fusel alcohol. It might condition out slightly but it wont go away completely. Look into temp control.

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I assume the temps you quoted were ambient? If so, then wort temps were likely even higher due to ferm activity...almost certain to cause some issues.

The bad news, as I understand it, significant fusels wont condition out, never have for me, only way to seperate them out is distillation.

You could mask them by blending. I accidentally made a really awesome braggot like this once...using an IPA with fusels as the base.

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Ale's What Cures You!
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Not that I don't love discussion, but do you guys realize that you're responding to a post that is over 7 years old?!?!

Sure, his temperatures were too hot but maybe he brewed it again in the last 7 years.
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Old 05-23-2015, 07:50 PM   #7
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Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
Not that I don't love discussion, but do you guys realize that you're responding to a post that is over 7 years old?!?!

Sure, his temperatures were too hot but maybe he brewed it again in the last 7 years.
and now, almost 3 years later, that is still funny... !
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