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Jun 2009
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I did end up driving out to the middle of nowhere to get my DME, I didn't want to play around too much on my first batch. BUt I have my starter currently cooling off and am just about ready to add my yeast. How long should I let this sit before being able to pitch into my wort? I was hoping to be able to brew tomorrow morning, but if I can I guess no big deal, but I won't have a chance again until thursday, making this starter just took a lot longer than I was intending, just cuz I wasn't sure what I would need. oh and I had my first boilover, just not with a full batch of wort yet....


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Gotta love boilovers! At least it was just a wee little guy! Are you using a stirplate? If so, you should be fine to pitch by tomorrow. If not, you still should be good, but make sure you give it a good swirl every hour or so until tomorrow. Looks like the Smack Pack swelled up nicely, so at least you know you have really strong, viable yeast. Good luck on your brew tomorrow!
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The earliest you should use it is when it has a good visible krasen on it. This indicates most of the yeast reproduction is complete and it is entering the fermentation stage. Depending on temps, and type of yeast, and if you are stirring or shaking the starter this can be anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. A 1/4 tsp of yeast nutrient helps biuld a healthy colony as well. I have used starters at 20-22 hours before with good results, but it depends on where the yeast are at. When you pitch near peak krausen it can really get going quickly in the primary. Sometimes in just a few hours.

The yeast stopped showing up in the pics right after the boil. You waited for the wort to cool to below 80 deg F right? Remember to follow good sanitizing procedures with the starter just as if it is beer once you've cooled the starter. If you don't have a stir plate, give the starter a real good swirl as often as you remember too. The extra oxygen helps in the reporduction stage.
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Just stir it everytime you walk by and you'll be ready to by tomorrow. and don't worry if you dont have any krausen; I have never seen krausen on any of my starters...
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