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Feb 2009
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I had a party at work last Saturday that included a battle of the bands and a brew competition. My team (band/work) wanted to go over the top, so a coworker and I planned out a portable kegerator to dispense beer for our band's grand beer garden/RV setup. Everyone else brought bottled beer, and we blew people away with the setup. Hopefully everyone here will like the results - it's a KEEPER that we'll use for every party at work, home, anywhere. It breaks down and fits in the trunk of my Honda Accord, and cleans up nicely.

This is made from scrounged samples of our current tube/valve amp lines. Most who play guitar may know of the brand - Line 6.

It's made from a 4x10 speaker cab and a 100 Watt Spider Valve Amp. It has two cornies and a CO2, fully insulated (cab and head) watertight, with guitar neck heads as tap handles. The handles here were dark for the Irish Red Ale, and light for the Munich Helles Lager.

I'll post build pics too - took about a month or so of weekend only to plan/build and last minute until the wire for the gig to finish.

Let me know what you think!


Waiting for the taste judges to start...

Posing for the paparazzi... (note the wannabe BM Rolling Kegerator in the foreground - holding EdWort's Pale Haus Ale, a Dunkel Weizen and an Apfelschorle - apple soda for the kids).

No money shots - the brew was too shaken up from the ride and I was too buzzed to get a shot when they settled down.... but here's a shot of the first dead tap.... Irish went first (ladies choice).

Notice the only cleanup issue is the spill from the tray - 409 will clean it up.

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Flyin' Lion
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Jan 2005
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That's a clever idea, I like the tie-in with the theme of the party as well...

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Jun 2008
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I would be thrilled to see build pics of that, it looks incredible
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That's sweet.
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Very nice work. Just need to add refrigeration now.
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Nov 2007
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That is a killer setup!
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Jun 2009
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Now THAT is cool!!!

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Aug 2008
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Very cool, rockin' indeed. Please post pics of the interior etc.

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Oct 2006
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That kegerator rocks and you rock!
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Aug 2008
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More pics please??
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