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Apr 2009
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Will this honey be good enough for mead?

It's Sue Bee 100% Clover Honey that is selling 80 ounces for $9.99 from Costco.

This this good enough for making my first mead? I'm not a bad beer brewer so I expect my process to be good, and my sanitization to be good. So it's honestly more of a matter of how refined my tastes are. Haven't ever really had good mead. Just wondering if this will make tasty mead or should I purchase something that is perhaps a higher quality such as this: clover honey, oregon from GloryBee Foods


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Feb 2009
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I've used store bought honey for a mead and I personally thought it did not turn out well, It should be know that those honey's are usually blended and not always from the U.S. I usually buy from a local apairy. Try this website Honey Locator - The National Honey Board. You can usually find someone close to you and they will have a nice variety of honey also not just clover. Also try a local Co-Op and see if the will give you a deal on a large quanity of honey.
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Apr 2009
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Weeelllllllll, there are no honey suppliers for the entire State of Nevada listed at the National Honey Board (damn!). I talked to our local home brew shop and they said that the only good honey supplier in the area is about an hour away and runs in the $60 - 70 they actually recommended glory bee.

Can I depend on a gallon of honey being enough for a 5 gallon batch? Or would I have to buy a few pounds on top of that.

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gratus fermentatio
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The biggest problem with the supermarket honeys, especially the mega brands like SueBee, is that they are usually blended, heated, and sort of bland when compared to other, more aromatic honeys. There's nothing wrong with the honey you're thinking of using, but the flavour of your finished mead will reflect it's ingredients. If you use a mild honey like clover, the flavour in your finished product will also be mild & subtle. Some use such honey to extend other, more aromatic & expensive honey. Say 30% clover & 70% orange blossom. You save some money & still get the orange blossom flavour. Hope this helps. Regards, GF.

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+10 to GF. Also just because there are no suppliers in your state doesn't mean you can't have good honey. Find a supplier as close as possible but with a good selection and able to ship. Nothin says lovin like gettin a 5 gal pail of honey in the mail.
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I was just looking at the honey locator last night, and it seems like the biggest problem is the shipping costs. It can almost double your total bill. I found a few that have cheap, single varietal honeys, but on average you're going to be paying 40 to 60 dollars for 1 gallon, shipped. Buying in bigger quantities may save you money on the honey itself, but the shipping costs will increase.
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Nov 2006
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In comparison to my lhbs @ I think $53/galon - 40-60 shipped doesn't sound all that horrible...

Sure, it's more expensive than having an apiary nearby to get bulk honey, but if you compare to buying grocery store honey or LHBS honey - it's probably not horrible.

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Feb 2009
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Where in Nevada are you? I'll be driving thru the state (US 50 basically) next week, and I have enough honey stockpiled that I could probably spare a gallon of Orange Blossom, if you'd be willing to pay about $30 for it. This is good stuff, minimally processed, and has a great orange flowery aroma.

If this sounds like it can work for you, let me know. I'll be passing thru on Sunday afternoon-evening and again on Wednesday morning-afternoon.

There's also a pretty good supplier of "local" honey in northern Utah (Logan area) if that can work for you. They charge about $40/gallon, but at least the shipping may not be too outrageous. The company is called Cox honey, or something like that.

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If the honey isn't amazing, you can always add spices, fruits, etc...

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Apr 2008
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That was my thought malkore. I might not use it for a traditional mead, but for fruit (melomel), spiced (metheglyn) etc, it's fine. Or, say, a batch of Malkore's not so ancient mead. And actually, plan on whipping up another batch next time I have an empty 1 gallon jug. Have a similar jug of 3# of walmart brand clover honey in pantry that is likely lacking in flavors in same way, but add some orange juice, zest, cinnamon, etc, and will make same great sweet mead I have on shelf arleady.

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