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Jan 2009
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So everyone that tries my beers has the same general comment. "tastes great but its a little flat".

i have been using The Beer Recipator - Carbonation

i am about to bottle a porter today and wanted to double check the number i get from running that calc.

It says to add 5oz of corn sugar. i desperately do not want another lightly carbonated beer, But on the other hand i do not want exploding bottles.

So given my less than stellar results with this carbonation calc, should i add 6-7oz?

Thanks for the help! And if anyone would like to refer me to a better way of determining priming sugar or techniques (i just dump the sugar in and lightly mix), then please share with me!

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Jan 2009
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I've used 5oz by weight on all of my 5 gallon batches and haven't had any carbonation issues. How long have they been bottled? I give mine at least 3 weeks in the bottle before opening.
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Jan 2009
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i normally allow them to bottle condition for ~2 weeks, then there are ones that will sit for a month or so before i get to refrigerate/drinking (i have really noticed a difference in flavor maturity so i try my very best not to drink them right away)

but i think im leaning toward at least 6oz of priming sugar this time... i dont want another of my friends referring to my beer as "flat" or "English style". 70 min till they are sanitized in the dishwasher - wish me luck, will post exploded bottle photos if it comes to that

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Joe Camel
Mar 2008
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Are you capping or using grolsch style bottles? If capping, are you using twist off bottles? Over time, grolsch seals and twist offs can leak. So that may be an issue you're dealing with.

Also, most calculators factor in "residual CO2" or what is still dissolved in solution after fermentation is done. If your beer has warmed up a lot after fermentation is done or you've not been gentle in your siphoning, you may have driven off a good portion of the residual CO2. So you might want to kick up the sugar a bit if you think this is happening.

Finally, it's possible that you and your friends are used to higher carbonation in your beers than the styles you're making. Some beers are meant to be "flat" in comparison to others. Excessive carbonation adds to the bitterness and bite of a beer and maltier beers will not be balanced if too carbonated.

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Just curious, but what style of beer are your friends saying is too flat? Also, what kind of beer are they comparing yours to? BMC is carbed quite a bit, and if that's what their used to, or expect all beers to be like, they'll think that a properly carbed beer of a different style is flat, even though it isn't.

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Get a few of your bottles up to 80F for a few days and see if that makes a difference. It's possible that your yeast isn't finishing.
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Jan 2009
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i use bottles and a Red Baron Bottle Capper. I dont think the styles that i normally drink are excessively carbonated. I like IPA's, pale ales, brown ales, ESB's and the occasional lager. Ive brewed a pale ale, IPA, bohemian lager and now the porter is ready for bottles. i hope to knock this one out of the park (its my first AG).

my temp remains constant (room temp ~70F) from conditioning to bottling/storage until i refrigerate and drink.

Would head space in the bottle have a large effect? i generally eye it and try to do it like the commercial beers i drink. Its probably about a inch of head space...

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Mar 2009
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Originally Posted by Devantf View Post
And if anyone would like to refer me to a better way of determining priming sugar or techniques (i just dump the sugar in and lightly mix), then please share with me!
5 oz should be plenty (5 gal batch, right?) If you're not boiling that sugar in a couple cups of water prior to adding it to your bottling bucket I'd think your carbonation might be uneven bottle to bottle. If you do add more sugar I'd go easy. A couple tablespoon could make a pretty big difference.
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May 2009
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sounds like your friends are all used to the hugely carbonated bmc's that they probably have had forever... Your doing it right i'm sure.

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best thing for me about kegging is getting the carbonation exactly how I want it. I had the most difficult time trying to bottle condition beers. I had a Wit that didn't carbonate in 2 months so I kept it over the winter and it is very carbonated now, maybe a bit too much. I tried raising the temperatures, swirling the bottles, etc., but nothing seemed to speed up the process for me.

Not a solution, but you're not alone. Getting the carbonation right is tricky. The best solution is brew a lot so waiting for the beer to be near the desired carbonation isn't much of an issue.

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