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I brewed an all grain batch last Sunday. After the boil over, I ended up with 11 gallons of 1.057 wort. I cooled it with an immersion chiller that took about an hour. (working on that). I hydrated 2 packs of S-05 yeast in 1.5 cups warm tap water. It started foaming like I expected, but the chiller took longer than I expected, so I gave the yeast a "shot" of wort I pulled from the brew kettle, about 80* f. Once the wort was down to 70*f, I pumped O2 into the kettle for one minutes NOT using a stone, just into the drain valve. This gives a head of foam to the top of the 15.5 brew kettle. After a whirlpool, I drained the wort into my fermenter pitching the yeast once there was about a gallon collected.

Day one.... about an inch of foam on top with a bunch of pellet hops (I used about 2 oz, the rest were whole hops) I skimmed that off with a sanitized stainless spoon and discarded it.

Day one gravity ... 1.050
Day 2....1.040
Day 3 ... 1.035
Day 4 ...1.025
Day 5 ... 1.016
Day 6 ...1.012

I can't see where I did anything wrong, The beer seems to be OK, tastes OK for the stage it is in.

This is my first time with S-05, I always used Wyeast liquid with a 3+ liter starter.

Temp was kept between 66 and 70*f, 68 most of the time. This is from the thermometer IN the beer.

I went to the website for the yeast, it says Temp should be between 59 and 75*f and ferment should be complete in 2-3 days. This is what I usually get with my big starter of liquid yeast.

Did I do something wrong? I don't think the beer is ruined, but I ferment in a 1/2 keg with the top cut out and just a lid on top.

Just Friday I ordered a 7 gal stainless conical fermenter so I will not be doing the open ferment thing any more..... I think..... I have brewed a lot of beer using the open ferment method with no problems, but I don't like leaving it in the primary any more than a week.

Really looking forward to the conical, I can draw the yeast off and leave it there for 3 weeks and for the first time I will try dry hopping.


Edit: Samples were drawn off the bottom from the valve and discarded after I tasted a sample. I found a small tube to put the hydrometer so I don't waste a bunch of beer sampling.
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Everything looks fine to me you want to give it 7-10 days to ferment out, 1.012 @ day 6 is perfectly acceptable. RDWHAHB
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Uh... where's is the problem. You seriously gotta RDWHAHB. You would not believe the disasters that await, and most of them result in beer!

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