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This beer intrigues me. Its going to be bumped up to next on my list!

AnOldUr, have a recipe you would'nt mind sharing?

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Jun 2009
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I'd love to obtain a bottle or few of that to try it out. Texas sucks for getting limited run stone's in. Their distributor page shows that the main distributor (Ben E Keith) only does the normal stuff.

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Originally Posted by Edcculus View Post
This beer intrigues me. Its going to be bumped up to next on my list! AnOldUr, have a recipe you would'nt mind sharing?
This will be my third time brewing the Black Ale and there will be some adjustments. I want to try eliminating the crystal and use a little flaked barley. Also adding some Turbinado sugar. The hope is to dry it out a bit without taking too big a hit on body. On the hop side, I’m swapping Centennial for the Simcoe. I recently did an IPA with a combination of Amarillo and Centennial that was nice, so I wanted to try it here. Because of the 20 pound grain bill and my batch sparging, I set my efficiency at 65%. Will see how it goes, but that's the worse case.

5.5 gallons
1.090 OG
120 IBU
36 SRM

10 lbs US 2-Row (50%)
7 lbs Maris Otter (35%)
1 lb Flaked Barley (5%)
1 lb Carafa III (5%)
1 lb Tubinado Sugar (5%)

90 minute boil

2.0 oz Chinook FWH (70 IBU)
1.5 oz Amarillo 20 min (20 IBU)
1.5 oz Centennial 20 min (20 IBU)
.65 oz Amarillo 10 min (5 IBU)
.65 oz Centennial 10 min (5 IBU)
1.0 oz Amarillo Flame-out
1.0 oz Centennial Flame-out
1.5 oz Amarillo Dry Hop
1.5 oz Centennial Dry Hop

Chinook @ 11% AA
Amarillo @ 8% AA
Centennial @ 8% AA

2 qt starter of Pacman yeast

Well, today's brewday isn't going to happen. Partially my fault, partially the weather. No telling how warm the yeast got in the UPS truck this time of year. Even so, I should have gotten my starter going on Friday night when the supplies got here. Either that or used the 5th generation Pacman that I had, but I wanted to start with fresh yeast for this batch. Anyway, I waited until Saturday morning to make the starter. The smack pack didn’t swell over night, so I was a little worried. 24 hours later and I’m just now starting to get some krausen formation. Probably best to leave it on the stir plate until at least this evening and brew early next week. Oh well, I’ll have to spend the day drinking beer instead of making it.

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Sinmar may not be readily available, but Maltoferm is. Check Austin Homebrew.
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Jan 2009
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Thanks for the input everyone. I will be doing a black ipa once i get my midas touch clone finished!
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Jun 2007
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Is this a style that would adapt to a slightly smaller beer? Maybe just IPA range?

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In the last issue of BYO there was an article about "Fusion Beers". One of the things the author mentions is adding dark malts during the sparge to minimize the roast/burnt flavor impacts but still get the dark/black color you're looking for.
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I was tossing around the idea of a Black IPA a month ago, but I sort of moved on to more traditional beers. But an awesome Black IPA made by Odells changed my mind. And this thread has cemented it. So, how about this recipe that I just whipped up.

11Lb 2 row
8oz 60L Crystal
8oz Carafa III
4oz Chocolate Malt

1oz Simcoe 60 min
.5oz Amarillo 30 min
.5oz cascade 15 min
.5oz Amarillo 10 min
.5oz cascade 5 min
1oz Amarillo dry hop
1oz Cascade dry hop

Nottingham dry yeast.

What do you think. This is a brew that won't happen til mid-late July.
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On Deck: Black IPA

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Matt Up North
Jul 2008
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I like that idea of adding the dark malts later in the mash. Maybe around say 45 minutes of a 60 minute mash intead of at the beginning. Do you guys/gals think it will get enough color in 15 minutes?
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In Oregon here they're trying to throw down and claim Black IPA as "Cascadian Dark Ale". I was just at the north american organic brewers festival and had this beer and it was really enjoyable. Not lot a hoppy stout, more like a slightly roasty ipa. Here is a quote from the festival blog that has some ingredient tips: Blog - North American Organic Brewers Festival Blog Archive Hopworks Secession Cascadian Dark Ale

North American Organic Brewers Festival organizers joined forces with Hopworks Urban Brewery to brew a revolutionary Cascadian Dark Ale, dubbed Secession, which will debut at the NAOBF June 26-28th in Portland’s Overlook Park.

Secession is characterized by an alliance of Northwest hop flavors as powerful as Cascadia’s coniferous forests, and roasty malts as black as the rubber boots Cascadians don from September to June, (and brewers wear year round).

Secession is brewed in the emerging Cascadian Dark Ale style, often mistakenly called Black IPA. Pioneered by brewers in Newport, Oregon and Victoria, BC the style has been gaining traction across Cascadia and further afield. NAOBF organizers Abram Goldman-Armstrong, a homebrewer since 1995, and Izaak Butler who has helped him brew many 10-gallon batches of CDA, teamed up with Hopworks Brewmaster Christian Ettinger and Assistant Brewmaster Ben Love to brew 20 barrels of Secession on Hopworks’ biodiesel-fueled brewkettle. Secession is a classic example of this truly indigenous Cascadian beer style, bountifully hopped with Nugget, Magnum, Centennial, Atahnum, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops from first wort to the fermentor. Its 70 units of bitterness, are offset by a roasty character from organic chocolate and Carafa malts, with a hint of caramel lurking in the forest of hop flavors.

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