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you guys are all missing the point. pure O2 in a starter. nobody has talked me down yet.
play the bass, brew the beer

What's tappening? :D

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Originally Posted by gruversm View Post
Bass player?? Heck...sounds like a dang Tuba player. a tuba player i resemble that re..ummmm.. I mean I resent that remark.

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i can't see why that wouldnt work however for the price of a bong and a diffusion downstem minus the bowl piece your still going to spend way more than on a large flask. Then again you can still use it for its intended purpose afterwords....i dont see why not. If you try to suck in though your going to take a hit of pure co2 which wouldnt be fun. SOmeone should try this and take pictures.

Oh- how would you plan to filter the pure o2 as not to contaminate the starter during aeration? You could always soak a sponge in starsan and shove it down the downstem....seems like a PIA. Ive obviously given this too much thought already
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Jan 2009
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drugs are bad, mmmkay
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Wade E
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Hook that bong up when fermentation is going good and youll have a power hitter!

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I'm finding a lot more money in my pocket now that I don't smoke regularly. More money for good beer.

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How do you get a bass player to leave your front door?

Pay for the pizza.

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I just had to prost this thread based on sheer hilarity alone..not because I advocate drugk use or anything...

Actually I quit that in my late twenties after smoking some laced crap, and puking on half of the Motown session musicians I was with (they weren't called the "funk brothers" for nothing.)

It took me a couple of years before they let me live it down......
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For some reason, this thread reminds me of this:
- Dwain

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Apr 2009
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Originally Posted by Dwain View Post
For some reason, this thread reminds me of this:
YouTube - Jack In The Box Stoner Commercial
- Dwain

great find

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