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Sep 2005
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Jamil's dark mild. Pitched with nottingham (not the right yeast choice, but lets move past that). This should be an approximately 3-4% ABV brew but I didn't measure OG or FG.
Grain/Extract/Sugar % Amount Name Origin Extract SRM 74.1 5.00 lbs. Pale Malt Halcyon Great Britain 1.027 3 7.4 0.50 lbs. Chocolate Malt - Light Great Britain 1.002 200 7.4 0.50 lbs. Crystal 120L America 1.002 120 11.1 0.75 lbs. Crystal 60L America 1.004 60
Exract represented as SG.

Hops Amount Name Form Alpha IBU Boil Time 0.70 oz. Goldings - E.K. Pellet 5.00 17.2 60 min
Brewed up 5-24, kegged and chilled 6-8 (dates are approximate). Got really hot that week and had no temp control set up. Indoor "room" temps reached 85 - fermentation occured within enclosed closet - so ferment temps probably ranged between 80* and 90*

Now, the beer is... drinkable... kinda.... but not... good.

In the wife's words, it tastes "dirty". Kind of a hot alchohol mixed with a little over ripe unidentified fruit taste and smell. I'm fairly confident that this taste is purely because of heat and not sanitation procedures.

So... she had a primary of roughly 2 weeks and has been in a cold keg for roughly 2 weeks.

So here's my dillema: time heals all things, but milds are supposed to be drunk young. This thing needs aging of some sort to let the esters die down - at which point the "freshness" will be in question.

No worries - I now have several options for temperature control... just not sure what to do with THIS beer. Any ideas on what to do? (store warm, store cold XXX weeks.) I can taste that there's a good beer behind the nasty esters - but it's just not here...
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If you have the space to keep it, you could try it. Nottingham fermented above about 72 degrees sure does taste nasty, though. If it was almost 90, I don't think it'll improve much.
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I made a light beer, that had this funky but mild sharp taste. This was at 6 weeks in the bottle. It was drinkable, but certainly not a repeat offender. My visitors would hate me if I served them this beer.

However, after 10 weeks in the bottle, the wild funky taste disappeared. Smooth indeed. It's beer as intended.

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Jan 2009
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More patience required.

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I'll ditto YB. Hot alcohols don't age out, but if that isn't the problem, give it a chance.

Milds can be drunk young, but don't have to be.
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I don't agree David...Hot alcohol tastes DO mellow sometimes with age...my 1.090 Belgian dark is a case in point...after 4 months it is finally losing that hot alcohol, rocket fuel taste and is mellowing nicely.

But sometimes what we think is one thing is STILL just green...

If you have the space, put the keg aside in room temp....and revisited it in a month...

We have proved on this thread Waaayyy too often the merits of patience...

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Mar 2009
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Since his target ABV is around 4%, I doubt his issue is due to high alcohol "heat". Fusel alcohols that were generated during high temp fermentation would be more likely culprits. Aging won't tame those or the esters that give the "over ripe" fruit smell. It may mellow a little, but those flavors are going to be there. Another issue is that if there are enough fusel alcohols, you could have headache beer.

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Dec 2007
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+1 to the Reverend
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What's tappening? :D

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Mar 2009
Triune, TN
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Is there going to be enough yeast activity in kegged beer to oxidize fusel oils? I know that bottle conditioning or long term storage in a secondary fermenter can tame some of the heat in high OG beers.

Still, it is always better to set aside a beer that isn't quite right. Yeast is wonderful at correcting problems with our beer. Even if it takes them a while to do it.

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Jan 2009
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Keep it around for several weeks more before you think about dumping it. Plus, you can always just serve it ICE COLD to mellow down the flavors. Like 33 F / hurt-your-teeth cold. That'll tame those flavors down a bit.

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