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Sep 2008
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Started less than a year ago at the prompting of a buddy who has been brewing for eight years. Everything that he recommended that I do for years, and I used to say "yeah yeah!" or "I can't because I live in a dinky apartment", I'm now doing - all-grain, full-wort boils, kegging.

It's a hobby that is quickly becoming an obsession. For example, I got into collecting battle rifles about five years ago, and used to go to the range at least once a month. Haven't been once since I started brewing. It's sad.

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Mar 2009
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If you want the longer version read my blog:
Home Brew and Wine: How I got started Brewing.

The short version.

I watch Craigtube and saw how easy it was. My first kit was from Coopers. I ordered it online. I had no idea there was a LHBS 5 minutes from my house. I found them, because I was googleing for homebrew supplies to make my next batch. I found this site:
Wine Making Supplies - Beer Making Supplies - Winemaking Supplys - Homebrewing - Homebrew Supply
I noticed they were located in Elkhart, IN. Hey!! So I googled for directions and realized it was only 5 mins from my house.
So I started with the prehopped extract, then went to extract with steeping grains after a couple of batches. I just did my first all grain last weekend.

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Mar 2009
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Several reasons, but the main one is that I like beer that is full bodied and several different styles. I thought I would save money; Ha Ha, jokes on me. I've spent probably $700 and done 15 gallons so far, and I don't even drink that much

Another was I like clubs and groups, and after having to leave the Masons to embark on becoming a pastor in Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, I was looking for a new one. Finding out about a home brew club in town (actually two) sunk the deal.

I also have to admit there's a little uneducated mad scientist in me who finds great pleasure in all his test equipment, fermentation, and record keeping.
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Haven't seen this answer yet : a Brew On Premise business on Chicago's northside. It's now out of business, but I brewed three batches there before getting my own equipment and starting brewing at home.

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Mar 2009
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Gift from the wife here too. Best gift ever. Christmas, '95. 5gal. setup, just single stage, extract & grains. Brewed the first batch New Years day, '96, a Porter & that was it for me boys. A fella needs a hobby. Still doing extract, works for me. I'm happy.
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May 2007
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I've been a beer snob for quite a while now. I think I started drinking good beer somewhere around 2001 or 2002, and I've been hooked since. I spend a lot of money on good beer, and I thought it might be interesting to see how well I could do for myself. I have brewing friends, and so I asked about a million questions, and I started reading various sites.

So for the last two years, I've been working on improving my techniques and really obsessing over all of it. It is going very well so far, and I can't wait to do more.

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Jan 2009
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My wife(fiance at the time) bought me a Mr. Beer kit about 11-12 years ago. I made 1 batch, not even sure what it was, and it was decent and got me drunk. I was about 22 at the time, so that's all I cared about. That's the only batch I made, then I put it away. Fast forward 10 out my attic, I found it again and thought, "what the hell, let's give it a go". From January 08 til April '09, I made about 7 5 gallon extract w/ grains batches. April '09 I made my first all grain batch. I will be brewing my third AG 11 gallon batch tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by dfc View Post
Things are going great too. I think I've only punched her in the face 3 times!
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Mar 2008
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Just prior to Christmas of '07 a strange box appeared on my doorstep. Hauled the bulky ponderous thing inside. Said something on the outside like "Cooper's Beer Kit". Was addressed to my wife and seeing as it was the gift giving season, I kept my mouth shut. Rather perturbed wife was mad I had seen it and tried to pass it off as a gift for her father, but I knew better....

After actually becoming mad because I had been home that fateful evening and not her, she relented and said, "I hope you enjoy your early Birthday, because your not getting anything else for a long time!!!"

Might be helpful to know, my birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas. I have gotten combined gifts my entire life. I'm used to it now.

Making my own beer??? Bet your sweet A$$ I was on it like stink on a dog! First batch was ready not too long after my birthday.

I was about 3 months in and I was gathering pieces to go AG. Around $1200 dollars later, I'm doing AG in a 60qt pot, with a 'DD Mother of Fermentation Chiller' and a 3 tap DIY kegerator from a 3.9cf mini fridge.

Yes, I'm addicted, and HELL NO I won't be giving it up.
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Originally Posted by DrinksWellWithOthers View Post
You're all wrong. Apfelwein is a time machine and mind eraser combined into one.

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Jan 2009
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found a bunch of old brewing equipment in a guys house i was staying in. i asked him about it as it had garage sale stickers on it and he said he was interested in brewing again, so i ordered my own kit... brewing had appealed to me for years prior, but it just seemed like a lot of work. every time i tried reading a website about brewing, i just got confused... anyway, i ordered an equipment and recipe kit from midwest, it sat in my garage for about a year, mice ate all the steeping grains, all that survived was the package of nottingham and the extract... the guy who had all the garage sale stuff finally emailed and said, all my stuff for $20. so i doubled my setup for cheap and finally got down to business... about 6 months later, all my other hobbies are gathering dust..
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Old 06-21-2009, 02:41 AM   #30
I can has homebrew?
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May 2009
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I've only just recently started brewing, but this was an idea I had been kicking around for years. For the past year I was one click away from ordering my brewing equipment but something would always end up swaying me away. A friend of mine brought up something about thinking about starting to brew their own beer earlier this year and that got it back on my mind again. So this time I went out and bought the charlie's book and after reading that from front to cover in two days I got palmer's book. After finishing that I headed right online and ordered my equipment and a basic extract kit. The rest is history. In a matter of weeks I've acquired 3 primary fermenting buckets, 3 better bottles, crafted a stir plate and will have 4 brews going by next week.

You think it's just a hobby, but it consumes you faster than I had imagined. It's all for the better, though. I've always enjoyed good beer but it isn't always easy to come by, and when you do, it's usually quite expensive. Over the past few years I started to shy away from beer and attended some whisk(e)y tastings and really developed a taste for good Scotch and Irish whiskey. It didn't take long to realize how expensive that can be and it just doesn't do the job as a cold refreshing drink, especially in the summer. So, I'm glad to move back towards beer and look forward to years of enjoying something of my own creation.

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