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Jun 2009
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For fun I decided to pick up a bottle of apple juice and some bakers yeast. I've got nothing to loose. I added some sugar and the yeast. Left it in the bottle and put a balloon over it. The apple juice had the following: Apple Juice, Maltodextrin (Soluble Dietary Fiber), Absorbic Acid (Vitamin C). It was pasturized, but from what I've read It won't hurt. As long as there isn't any sodium benzoate it should be fine. Well here I am, A tablespoon of bakers yeast, 2 cups of sugar, and a balloon later.
12 hours ago I assembled this concoction. Its been bubbling like crazy. But they seem like Co2 bubbles. Now is this thing actually going to be hard cider, or just insanely carbonated apple juice?

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It will be hard cider.. the maltodextrin wont ferment but the remaining sugars in the juice as well as the sugar you added will all ferment out.

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They should be co2 bubbles, that is what is produced during fermentation.

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I have done this exact same thing and it made a very nice drinking cider. I actually liked it a lot more than the apple wine I made with montrechet, but it probably wouldn't age nearly as well.

As for the bubbles, they are co2, but as long as you are letting it vent it will finish as normal and you can carbonate by priming later if you want.

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The yeast eats the sugar and the by-products are CO2 and Ethanol. Welcome to Brewing, this is the start of a fairly interesting Hobbie you decide to continue

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That is an interesting idea. If something like this could work, you could easily buy a dozen bottles of apple juice (similar to the ones you get in glass bottles at deli's) some balloons and bread yeast to create already bottled, extremely cheap cider.

You would probably need to filter it before drinking, but that would be easy enough if your just pouring it straight into glass.

I have some questions about this. Would using bread yeast leave a palatable drinking cider? How much would you need to use? How long do you think it would take to ferment? If not could you split up a single package of wine/beer yeast across the bottles with similar effect?

Too be honest though my curiosity it killing me and I will probably stop at the grocery store on my way home, buy the juice and balloons and setup an experiment using trying a bread yeast, ale yeast and wine yeast.

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Jun 2009
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I have tried using a bread yeast and I don't really have the best results from it.I think I tried The Breadyeast the comes in a jar for a bread making machine.It started almost right away (2hours after adding sugar to the container).It made a pretty strong sulfury smell kinda like rotting eggs.I can't remember having any sucess with the bread yeast making any good platable cider.I used motts apple juice and domino pure cane sugar and the yeast .I think maybe where I went wrong was not putting a ballon with a hole on it and just poking a hole in the top of the lid of the apple juice container.but I'm interested in trying this out again .I would like to hear what others have done to make a good cider out of this concoction.I'm aware though it's best not to try and rush the process and that the best cider is aged for a better taste

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Using bread yeast will get you hard cider but it will more than likely taste like there's an old nasty slice of bread in your cider. A packet of dry yeast isn't much more expensive than bread yeast, I'd suggest picking some up.
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Originally Posted by c.n.budz View Post
Using bread yeast will get you hard cider but it will more than likely taste like there's an old nasty slice of bread in your cider.
What temperature did you ferment at when you experienced this bread slice cider?

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Be forwarned any fermenting with Bread yeast is normally looked at like a "hooch" more than a decent brew.

Good luck on your experiment.

I hope that balloon doesn't blow off of there when friends are around, the SO2 smell building up in there will be intense !
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