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Apr 2009
Peoria, IL
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so, I was brewing last night and as i went to pour the yeast into a cup of water to rehydrate, I realized I forgot to sanitize the cup. Alas, it was too late, the yeast were then swimming in a cup of what I could only assume to be the most vial, disgusting, toxic soup on the face of the earth. (actually while the cup did come from my cupboard, it was only recently used for the same exact purpose. At that time it was washed and sanitized in my dishwasher, though that was several weeks ago).

What can I expect? Death in a bottle? Special off flavors that will create the best tasting beer in the world that will only be able to be recreated by following my proprietary lackluster sanitation procedures?

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I love making Beer
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Jul 2007
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Very little chance that anything bad will happen. I predict that you will make beer and it will be fine.
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Mar 2008
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At worst you'll get some soured beer....at best, you'll have a fine beer. I'd lean on the later if you sure the glass was a clean one from a cupboard. There might be some bacteria in there, but chances are they won't take over if you're making sure your yeast is strong and healthy. Now if that glass was all cruddy and really looked like a cesspool, then I'm sure you'd have some pretty vial beer on your hands
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Jan 2009
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Now it's up to the beer gods... I agree, I think you'll be just fine. Next time don't push it!!! The gods only forgive you, but so many times...
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Nov 2008
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I had a brain fart during my last brewday, and accidentally mixed up 1/2 strength sanitizing solution. Everything used got 1/2 strength. I believe it is highly likely that there are billions upon billions of bacteria cells and swine flu viruses in there. Hardly any diseases were killed.

Hooray for beer resilience! As of bottling day , it tasted terrific. I never knew several pounds of diseased filth could taste so good!

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Oct 2007
Behind You
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The first beer I ever made I didn't sanitize a damn thing. It was as good of a brew as you could ask for.

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Old 06-16-2009, 12:08 AM   #7
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Aug 2008
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The last beer I made, I forgot to sanitize my autosiphon before I transferred it to the bottling bucket. Came out just fine. I felt pretty stoooopid though.
"Science + beer = good!"
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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
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*slaps forehead* OOPS, i've forgotten to sanitze the cup I rehydrate my yeast in for the last 15 batches or so...(meaning i never do)

Granted it's a good process if you think of it, but not doing it won't automatically gaurentee that you ruined you beer.

Your beer is actually much stronger than even most of our screwups....In fact take a read of this thread, it will give you an idea......not sanitizing your cup is the LEAST of the things people have managed to do, and yet, not screwed up their beer.

Relax and read this. http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f39/what...t-great-96780/

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Apr 2009
Peoria, IL
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Thanks guys, I figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal. However, I now have bigger issues. No signs of fermentation after two days! Signal the "give it time responses"! WoooOO OOOoooOO WOOOOOOoooo

No seriously. No sign at all. Gravity is the same at 46 hours. I only checked because there has been no sign of activity in the airlock, and there is no sign of bubbles in the beer. What are my options? Oh, this is my third batch (first was a Brewers Best American Style Pale Ale, and the other was a free Hefe kit from Craigslist) both turned out great!

Brewer's Best California Style Imperial Pale Ale
6.6 lbs. Plain Amber Malt Extract added at 15 min
2 lbs. Plain Amber Dry Malt Extract added at 60 min
1 lb. Crushed Crystal Malt 120L 6.5
2 oz. Columbus Hops (Bittering) Added at 55min
1 oz. Columbus Hops (Finishing) added at 15 min
1 oz. Columbus Hops (Aroma) added 1/2 at 5min and 1/2 at 2 min

1 each Beer Yeast (dry Nottingham yeast)

OG 1.070 (recipe said it should be between 1.050-1.060 )
Boiled 3 gallons
pitched at 82 degrees

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Jan 2009
'Possum knob KY Near lexington
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Relax, drink aa beer, have sex with the wife and if that dont ease your mind..... Well frankely this isnt the hobby for you... orrrr You need a new wife!
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