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Ahoy hoy,
Well my mother is up from the states visiting, so I broke down and took her and the family down to Valdez, Alaska for a night. While I was down there, we stopped at the Worthington Glacier north of the pass, and, with pick axe in one hand, and a coleman extreme in the other, I hiked about a mile and a half to the base, and a quarter mile upside the mtn, to reach the glacial ice. I took my wife out as well. We picked enough to pack the cooler full, and then about killed ourselves hauling this cooler down the mtn. As a 49 year old tub, it was my ex military training as a grunt that still had me imagine I could do such silly stunts at my age. But, the wife and I persevered, and we made it back to the truck with load intact. The ice I have has been frozen in this glacier since before Christ, the pyramids, Rome, to name a few. Everyone who asked me what could possibly cause me to drag that cooler in and out ( as they were using the spotting scope to see just how far we went to get this ) were more then satisfied with my answer " Im going to brew a glacial ale".
Until I melt it down and see just what I have and how smal the batch will be, I will not choose the recipe yet.
Anyway, I wanted to share with those who might care. Ill let everyone know how this one goes.....
I bid you a great day......
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That's awesome. Good luck.

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wow this is sweet... you know about how many pounds of ice you collected?
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Glacial Ale huh? That is pretty wild. Definitely interested in how it turns out.

Hopefully you don't start growing some embryo from a pre-historic monster in there or something.
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very admirable sir...really, its incredible. 10,000 years. i would like to try some of that

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I was in Argentina, and visited one of the worlds biggest glaciers and the only one still growing. I went hiking on it and i had the exact idea. However it was to remote and I had to hiked a lot and went on a boat to just get to it. I then found it impossible to take water all the way back to the states. Non the less the water tasted amazing. We took a bottle of johnny walker and drake a cup on the rocks using the glacier ice. AMAZING!! i cant wait to see how it turns out! The envy eats me...

here's a pic of the glacier i visited.

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Sweet! I wanted to do the same with the water we were drinking while sheep hunting in the Talkeetna Mountains. Tastiest water ever and full of minerals. Glad to see someone had big enough kahunas to follow through. Let us know how she turns out!
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You'll need help next time. Call me. I've always wanted to visit Alaska anyway.
I am shocked...shocked...to find there is brewing going on here!


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I would use glacier hops in that beer!
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Let's see Budweiser pull off a stunt like that on a commercial scale!

Great stuff!

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