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I came across a picture of what I believe is a plastic "look a like" stainless braid. I have a suspicion that some or most of the reported problems are a result of these inferior plastic braids. See photos below:

Stainless (note the fine strands)

Plastic (note the pair of much coarser strands)

OK, Anyone out there honest enough to admit they've been fooled?

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Apr 2009
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I had one in hand ready to purchase when I looked closer at the tag which said polymer something. I thought it felt funny. I returned it to it's shelf and since that's all that particular store had, I went elsewhere. All of the big chain stores that I checked sell mostly the imposter braids, but I found authentic SS braids at the mom & pop hardware store.

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I was lucky enough to read Denny's warning against the impostor braids shortly before buying, so I was on the lookout and did manage to find a length in the Home Depot.

I still have like 24 inches I have no use for.

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I know mine's metal. One of those strands poked into my fingertip a pretty good depth.

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one way to check is to boil some water and while it's boiling drop your braid into it...if it contracts or gets soft and "mushy" it is plastic..If it appears to deform in any way...then it ain't stainless.

if not then it is the stainless variety.

I have a couple...they stand up to the heat of our mash tons...

Mine is formned into a circle in my ton...and no matter the amount of grain and the heat of the water it doesn't "fold." That and getting your finger cut by the strands is a good indication.
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Feb 2009
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i just went and looked. mine is plastic looks just like the one in the picture. i get good efficency though. been using it for about six months

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Jan 2009
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One other way is to check the label. Regardless of how it looks, the label should say Braided Stainless Steel.

I believe I got the above from Lowes.

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I admit it... I was fooled... Only took one batch...

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Originally Posted by HomebrewJeff View Post
One other way is to check the label. Regardless of how it looks, the label should say Braided Stainless Steel.

I believe I got the above from Lowes.
LOL; yup!

If you can't find them in the big box stores, look in two spots; they'll be with the regular plumbing parts (near the toilet replacement parts), but also the hot water heaters (these ones are bigger).

But yeah, don't overcomplicate things, don't buy something THEN put it in boiling water... READ THE FLIPPIN' LABEL!
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The plastic ones do not "feel" right either, they feel, well, like plastic.
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