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Jan 2009
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About 160 calories in a bottle of beer, if beer alone is making you fat then you have the activity of a sloth. Its not too hard to work beer into a diet and it not add pounds and inches to your waist. Truth is beer or not most people don't get moving enough week.

As a cyclist I've never thought of beer as a fattening issue.

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just take 30 minutes out of your day -- everyone can find 30 minutes somewhere -- and go for a run/jog. even if you run a 10 minute mile that is still 3 miles a day, 21 miles a week. and it's only 30 minutes. so instead of watching wheel of fortune and jeopardy, go running and only watch jeopardy.
That's what Jamil said.

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I am a baseball addict. I run almost every night right at 7, when my Rays play: I listen to the game on the radio on my head. Then, I reward myself with a great HB Rauchbier when I get back... like right now! Mmmmm.... smokey smooth...

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Apr 2009
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All that matters is calorie intake versus calories burned. Theres no other way to lose weight, period. If your burning a bit less now that your older, you just have to increase or decrease one of them. It doesnt matter if you arent eating red meat, just how MUCH you are eating. Not that Im saying it doesnt help to eat healthy....but cutting out all red meat will do nothing for you. If you want to keep drinking and get leaner, theres only one thing you can do: Exercise. No fancy diet will get you around that.

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I can has homebrew?
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I wish I had the metabolism of my uncle. He drinks 12+ beers a day, owns a restaurant and spends his whole life sitting in the kitchen with absolutely zero exercise and he's as lean as can be. Been doing it for 30+ years.

Where I on the other hand can put on a few pounds just lazing around on a long weekend with some good food and a few beers. It's not fair!

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It comes down to simply watching your overall caloric intake. If you burn 2,000 calories a day, don't eat/drink more than that per day.

I found running 4 days a week and going to the gym 3 days with my current diet allows me to lose weight while still drinking beer.

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Mar 2009
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Originally Posted by Aspera View Post
+1 for DanVader

Exercise is the key.

Ride Fast, Drink Hard.

a few weeks ago.. Pre beer consumption.

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I quit smoking last March. I smoked for over 24 years, starting around puberty.

From age 14 or so until my first desk job @ 25 I weighed 135lb (I'm 6'2").
Within a couple years I hit 240. Got laid off and went back to (trade) school. Lost 35 lbs. The only change was not sitting at a desk all day. Still ate out 3 meals/day and drank as much as I could afford.
I'm now back up around 250. I decided yesterday (before seeing this thread) that I wasn't going to buy bigger work pants. And I clearly need to.
Before I quit smoking, I ate very healthily. Big breakfast, 2 snack breaks during the day. Small lunch and vegetarian dinner. Weekends I had sushi at least 1 meal, and ate in most other meals.
As soon as I quit smoking, I started sleeping later, so no time for breakfast. I just grab a protein bar and juice on the way in to work. Lunch is a 6" Subway sub (on wheat, at least), 2 cookies and a medium unsweetened iced tea. Dinner turned into a Quizno's sub and cookie and medium soda or iced tea. Oh, and I raid the vending machine at work all day long.
Man. That was depressing just to type, nevermind really thinking about it.
Today, when I get home from work, I'm driving right by Quizno's to the garage, where my mtn bike has been collecting dust for 3 years. There's a large city park directly across the street from me.
Stay tuned...

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Originally Posted by DanVader View Post
got to exercise, my standing rule now is, if I don't ride the bike I don't get to drink
I like it, I need to take that into account. You can only drink if you do something active that day... NICE. Being an engineer i sit on my butt pretty much all day unless I have to walk around the office. This will be a good incentive plan. Im scared to tell my fiance because she will enforce it, haha
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