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Apr 2009
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Ever hear of a full bar? I use beer the same way...when I drink a nice beer 30 min or so before dinner I find I eat way less (and I get to drink beer instead of eating some cardboard bran brick). Combine with a good high protein breakfast and a fresh, healthy lunch everyday and my weight has become manageable. There's room for beer in most diets.

Now if I could just find the time to exercise...

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Jan 2009
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I have a friend who swears by the lite beer diet. The problem is, of course, you have to drink lite beer.
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I'm fat and really miserable, I really want to lose weight and have for years but I am such a piece of **** weak minded person I have never been able to stick with it to make a difference.

I finally decided instead of cutting out everything to just start piling on the activity. That way I can drink and mostly eat what I want. Luckily for me I stopped gaining weight at around 240 and have not gone any higher. So I am hoping with just a simple lifestyle change of bike riding it can help bring me back to earth.

I bought a couple of bikes, rack and picking up a kid trailer this weekend. Here's to getting in better shape!
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May 2009
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The secret is to combine the two, grab a couple friends and a couple six packs and take long hikes in isolated mountainous parks. Just don't fall off any cliffs and avoid whiskey (bad for hikes)

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Jun 2006
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another tip to help things out is instead of 3 big meals a day, eat 6 or so smaller, almost snack size meals.

this also helps your energy levels through out the day immensely. At work after a big lunch I was always dead tired for an hour or two. Now I split my lunch into 3 parts and eat it over a period of 2-3 hours, no more afternoon crash!
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Jan 2007
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I got into running (5K, 10K and mini's) this spring, and i've lost 10 pounds without changing my diet. but i only drink maybe two beers Monday-Thursday and maybe 5-6 the other days.
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You might try Eat Right For Your Type by Peter J. D'Adamo. It focuses on the right foods (and excercise) for persons of the 4 blood types; O, A, B, and AB. Bodies with different blood types can tolerate different foods. I'm type O so I can eat meat fine but starches are something I must eat in moderation and my body just doesn't like wheat at all (so pasta got cut WAY back in my diet). All I did was tweek my diet towards what it recommends and my acid reflux completely went away and I maintain a good body weight without even exercising.

For me it's either beer or dessert but not both. Beer almost always wins.
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Jan 2009
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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
For me it’s all a matter of calories in vs calories out.

That means watching consumption and some form of regular exercise. I watch what I eat. More whole grains, fresh vegetables, smaller portions and I skip the sweets and snacks (I prefer my calories in beer). Truth be told, I really don’t miss the junk and rather enjoy the foods that I eat.

The biggest sacrifice is no beer during the week, well there are occasions and sometimes I consider Thursday nights part of the weekend…

Find a sustainable exercise program. One that won’t be derailed by weather or money or what ever other excuse pops up. I guarantee an overall improvement in the quality of your life and you get to drink more beer … ahhh beer.

Calories in vs. calories out...Occam's razor. This is what works for me. I do however indulge in junk food, I just step up my mileage when I go overboard with the food and beer. Currently, I'm seriously contemplating the 100 miles, 100 beers in a week challenge

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Originally Posted by OrangeJet View Post
Currently, I'm seriously contemplating the 100 miles, 100 beers in a week challenge
Details, I want details.
This sounds like my kind of fun.

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Jun 2008
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I've never been overweight, but lately I'd been gaining a pound or two here and there and not taking it back off. So three months or so ago, I decided I needed to lose 10 pounds to get back down to where I wanted to be. The only thing that has helped me is actually keeping track of every single thing I eat and drink, and learning how many calories are in everything.

I downloaded a really great (and free) iPhone app called "Lose It!" that helped me tremendously.

Once I learned how many calories were in the things I ate, I learned what was worth the calories and what wasn't. I stopped drinking sugary drinks...that was the bulk of my diet modification, along with a little portion control. I still have a Coke every once in a while, and as long as at the end of the week I've eaten an average of 1850 calories a day that week, I can eat whatever I want. I haven't cut out beer at all. I'd rather save the calories for a couple of good beers than have french fries with lunch.

Now that I pretty much know the caloric content of what I take in, I don't keep track every day, I just have a pretty accurate general idea of how many calories I eat and drink, and how many I have left for the day at any given time.

I allow for the occasional splurge without feeling guilty; I just make it up by eating a little less on other days during the week. Even better, the app I mentioned starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, so you can proactively save up a little during the week , for the weekend.

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