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Every diet plan stresses the need to give up sugar first and alcoholic beverages second. Giving up sugar is hard. I love my sweets but I can do it even for many weeks running, but giving up beer for more than a couple of days is impossible for me. I drink beer daily and plenty of it too. Beer adds many,many calories to my diet so in order to lose weight and still drink beer, I find that I must cut my food intake to a bare minimum. Absolutely no sugar,no fried, very little red meat and other fats like cheese etc. At 50 + it's getting harder and harder to keep the weight down but now that I'm a homebrewer it is even harder still. How are you other beer lovers doing with the battle of the bulge?
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I can has homebrew?
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Don't fight the bulge. Embrace it

I wish there was an easier way than cutting down on beer or running a couple miles every day. A desk job doesn't help matters, either.

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don't let people tell you that you are out of shape.

round is a shape.
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It's (almost) impossible to walk/run and drink. So, try to replace some of your prime drinking time with exercise that takes you out of the house.

Then, make a commitment to go to bed earlier, and get up earlier. You still get the same number of awake hours, but you shift them to the morning when you are less likely (!) to drink.

I do this and limit myself to 1 beer on weekdays. Now, weekends are a different story!

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At 43, sadly that bulge is the only thing I own free and clear.

Still pay a mortgage. Still make car payments (not for long though!!!) Still pay through the nose for the kids, and I don't even own them!

I try to minimize the size of my spread, but I embrace it as a natural part of my trip through life.

Sadly, it has gotten bigger since I quit all tobacco just over a year ago. SWMBO claims it's beer, but stopping tobacco really puts on the feed bag and the pounds.
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well my grampa drinks an 18 pack of bud every day and has for 50 years, he is 82 and fit and trim and eat bacon and eggs every morning.
howevery he also eats lots of veggies and gets up every morning at 5:30 and walks about 3.5 miles , everymorning!
and does lots of other activty during the day

the trick to eating what you want is working like you need it
100 years ago 3000 cal aday diets where common for farmers and labors
Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water. ~ W.C. Fields

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got to exercise, my standing rule now is, if I don't ride the bike I don't get to drink
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+1 for DanVader

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Apr 2009
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Pff, you can totally drink beer and lose weight. Any program that says you can't is crap. I've lost 30 pounds since January, and that's with several day-long beer festivals (including FredFest and its mountains of chocolate!). My husband lost 70 pounds 3 years ago and he's kept it all off, and he's sitting next to me polishing off a bomber of HUB DOA right now.

We both count calories on The Daily Plate (well, he doesn't anymore, but he used to), and you just figure the beer in along with everything else. It usually means having to exercise more to "earn" the beer, unless you want to eat less... I walked the eight miles to get to FredFest so I could afford the calories, for instance. Totally worth it, though.
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Mar 2009
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make sacrifices. that's all there is too it. walk to the corner store instead of driving, find a physical activity you enjoy and play it 3-5 times a week. eat a healthier diet of fruits and veggies, and when you do drink make sure you don't eat lots or bad food. usually when people drink in excess they also end up eating in excess and you've gotta avoid that. do 30 pushups/squats/situps whatever for every beer you want to drink later, etc

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