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Jun 2009
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Brand new to this, just received my kit today and will be starting a cider this weekend. Not something that I am going to try now, but is it possible to keg in something like this?

I'm not looking to dispense from it, just cause the cider to carb? Has anyone done this before? Seems like it would be easier to carb in a large container, then bottle after that. I suppose something could be rigged up to dispense somehow from that as well. Thanks

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Mar 2009
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Short answer - No. Its not made to hold pressure. Kegs are pretty much the only way to pressurize large amounts of liquid.

It would make a sweet fermentor though.

If you want to carb then bottle from a keg look for the "I don't need no stinkin beer gun" thread, prolly in the DIY area.

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I really don't think it's easier to carb in a large container and then transfer to bottles. Your just adding an extra step, plus I don't see how you'll be able to transfer the carbed liquid to bottles from that container without losing all the carbonation.
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Looks like that would bulge and then rupture before you got any significant carbonation in it. In the UK there are some things called "Pressure Barrels" that are meant to hold some pressure and dispense. In the US most people buy cornie kegs to carbonate in.
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I just bought one of those to use as a fermenter. I would not carbonate it in though.
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Seems like it would be easier to carb in a large container, then bottle after that.
In the industry, yes. But, for the homebrewer this isn't the case. To bottle carbonated beverages requires that you exclude air and maintain carbonation during the process. There are counter-flow filling systems, the Beergun, and the usual assortment of strange and wonderful DIY gadgets. All of which are used with corny kegs.
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