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Apr 2009
ann arbor
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Not sure if anyone has posted this in the past. But it wasn't on the first 6 pages. I've just begun taking tasting notes, and have just begun brewing as well, so my palate isn't quite tuned into each individual flavor, but I feel I did a fairly good job:

Dirty Bastard
Scotch Style Ale

Thoughts prior to opening: It's extra peaceful in the house this evening, and not for one specific reason. The windows are open, letting a friendly air lilt through the screen; it's smell of grass, trees and the freshness of a mid spring evening. The sun is setting over the horizon and the baby is fast asleep (i hope) quietly dreaming of simple pleasures - as I am about to enjoy mine. Dirty Bastard - doesn't sound like much of a pleasantry, but we shall soon find out.

Opening this beer at fridge temp (37-40). From the description of a ruby red body, I'm guessing it should be served just slightly warmer, but I've got a taste for beer now.

Pouring into a wine glass for wide mouth, but bad for releasing bubble properly. Lots of bubble sticking to the bottom of the glass, head was weak, but probably from bad pour...and perhaps poor drying job from last washing.

Definitely a reddish brown. The color of a working Scotsman's hair.

Smells malty, a bit of fruit, and yes some smoke as mentioned on the 6er. Probably wouldnt' have noticed it otherwise. I'm new at this recording tastings thing.

Medium bodied. Packs a nice punch but wussies out at the end. Almost forgot I drank a beer, save for a lingering bitterness way in the back. Nice array of malts (perhaps a bit psycosomatic): can taste roasted and chocolate? Finishes fairly dry with some roasty and sweet malt (?) notes. I wanted to say fruit, but I canít put my finger on it.

The 50 IBUs are good for the thickness of this beer. It's velvety in the mouth, but with a fairly clean finish. Good alcohol flavor. I'd better slow's 8.5%. I could definitely put another one of these down. But the typos would increase.

Thoughts: Good stuff. I hadn't had a scottish ale before due to my book-cover-judging of beer labels. I have found that getting over it, jumping in, and appreciating every beer for what it has to offer is a much better way to approach things - as opposed to "I drink wheat beers. Screw IPA's". I don't care what anyone says about beer styles. This beer seems like a good fall beer to drink around the campfire (the smoke is coming through and influencing this decision), but I'll drink any style any day of the year. Although that Maharaja Imperial IPA OG 1.080 was a bit much for spring. Hooray for beer. And Hooray for beer appreciation!! Prost! (I know it means something good, but not sure what yet)

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I was surprised when I tried one a while back. I was curious and didn't know what to expect, and although I didn't take proper notes, I do remember thinking that it was a good beer after all.

I like pretty much everything that Founders makes (except Ceris, which the ladies might like) and keep telling myself that I need to get down there again and have a sandwich and a couple of beers. I'm only an hour or so away.
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Old 06-04-2009, 01:03 AM   #3
Apr 2009
ann arbor
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Upon Bastard #3 in a row. It's f***in awesome drinkable beer. Deep, yet easy. Man...I could drink a whole 6er at once if I was daring enough.

I tried the Dry Hopped Pale Ale a while back and mistook it for buying a double IPA (not sure why) so I was disappointed, but looking back, I think it was a B.A. pale ale. The pale was the first founders I had, and due to my own fault of misunderstanding, it ruined it for me for a while. But now after drinking that bastard, I am definitely going to try the rest of the line. Can't wait til next fall for the Breakfast Stout to come back.

I need to go everywhere and drink beers in Michigan. Bells, Dark Horse, Founders, you name it, haven't been there....yet....i've only lived here a year.

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Founder's is my MI brewery of choice right now. The Red's Rye and Old Curmudgeon are probably my two favorite. I can honestly say that I have not had a bad beer from them.
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I thought it was a little too hoppy for a Scottish style ale. I also kind of hate that they use screw top bottles.

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Mar 2009
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Originally Posted by Edcculus View Post
I thought it was a little too hoppy for a Scottish style ale. I also kind of hate that they use screw top bottles.
You'll be glad to hear that Founder's is changing to pop top bottles, as shown at the bottom left corner of their page. I haven't found any in stores yet, but this is a fairly new change.

Founders Brewery

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