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Oct 2005
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Stiffy probably qualifies, "The bastard offspring of a Wee Heavy and Left Coast IPA." I admit it was formulated by my former brewing buddy.
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Dec 2007
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The american wheat I brewed from my 312 discussion thread turned out like nothing I have ever had before. It was an awesome beer that was neither an Am. wheat nor a German, nor a wit. It was great though with a huge bready wheat backbone and a crisp finish and a punch of citrus US hops.

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May 2009
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Originally Posted by beerkrump View Post
Peach weizen would be great. Long ago (20 years?) I made an apricot weiss that was scary good. I don't remember if I had any real issues with the sweetness that Capt. noted. I think it was just 1 lb./gal. in the secondary for two weeks. Let us know how it turns out and post your recipe.

As for the weird experiment beers, I am planning a test to see what fruits go best with a simple pale ale. I'm collecting 1 gallon bottles and going to parse a five gallon batch from the primary and add different fruits to each bottle. So far, the fruits are blueberry, blackberry, pineapple, lemon/lime/orange zest, and, if I can find some ripe ones, mango. I think I'll add peach and see what else looks good in the supermarket.

I'll start a thread when I get this going and keep y'all posted.
Will do. Might be a while though since I have my Alaskan Amber on deck for the next brew day. Sadly, I only have the one fermenter and a SWMBO that can be a little restrictive of excessive non-family activities. Which is understandable. But I did have a ripe peach for breakfast this morning and it wasn't super sweet. Not all that concerned about the excessive sugars, I have a feeling that most of them will ferment out and I'll be left with a great peachy "nose". Which is exactly what I'm aiming for. I may backsweeten it with a little splenda just for experimental sake.
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Feb 2009
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As far as the peach beer goes, let us know how it turns out! I read that peaches tend to not flavor as well as apricots in beer (i.e., flavor doesn't last long and not as strong)...think it was in "designing great beers". I have some peach trees and was really hoping to make a peach beer or two this fall but didn't want to use them for beer if the flavor will go diminish quickly.

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Old 06-03-2009, 12:09 AM   #15
Apr 2009
Riverview, FL
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With the pepper beer festival and some co workers egging me on I decided to embark on a pepper wheat recipe I've been fidleing with called a "Prarie Fire" Wheat. Here is the recipe for a 5gal batch:

4Lbs Pale 2 row
2lbs white wheat malt
2lbs flaked wheat

1 oz Cascade (60 min boil)

2lbs Blue Agave Nectar (20 min boil)
5 oz Crushed chili pepper (secondary)
Pitch with Wyeast 1010 American Wheat

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Old 06-03-2009, 12:31 AM   #16
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Oct 2006
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I'm working on the recipe for a chocolate wheat using cocoa nibs in the mash.

Other than that, I've had a commercial black IPA that I really liked, even though the name irks me. But I guess there is no India Dark Ale style yet.
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One of my earliest brews started as a Stone Ruination clone recipe. I used Trappist yeast and threw oak in the secondary. It may not be all that odd, but my ever so helpful and supportive LHBS guy rolled his eyes, and sighed disapprovingly, "Whatever."

It was fan-friggin-tastic. After 20-something more batches under my belt, it's still one of my favorites.

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May 2007
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Rosemary belgian pale, schezuan peppercorn wit, Belgian stout... Nothing too crazy.

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Dec 2007
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Mint Chocolate Stout.
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Nov 2008
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This is sort of boring, but I use lager yeast a lot when brewing ales in the winter here in Northern New York. I let them ferment in a room closed off from the rest of the cabin that stays at 45F-50F. I've brewed some tasty "Steam" IPAs and APSs this way. A good friend of mine brewed a Stout with lager yeast. Anyone else do this?
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