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May 2008
Camp Hill, PA
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Maybe it's just how I am as a person, but I get a little bored doing things how everyone else has done them for years and years.

Have you ever just thrown the recipe guidelines out the window and made something totally ridiculous? Was it good or bad?
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May 2008
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While I haven't yet tried it myself, I see nothing wrong, in fact, everything right, with a little experimentation.

I'm sticking with traditional styles for now to dial in my technique still, but after that, the skies the limit!
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Jan 2009
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Peanut Butter Brown Ale
Strawberry Banana Wheat

A couple I have brewed and more crazyness to come this summer.

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Apr 2009
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Hoppy Belgian Sour! It's fermenting now. I hate both hoppy and sour beers, but my husband loves both... and he says he's never seen a beer that combined them. So we'll see if he likes them together! Maybe it'll be a HWMNBO-Slayer.
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Jan 2009
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Hibiscus Weizen Braggot --- tastes like a wine cooler. Meah.

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Jan 2009
Pea Green, Colorado
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Banana Cinnamon porter = good.
Corn stalk molasses "beer" = bad.
Yucca fruit draught = mediocre.

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Aug 2007
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My Law of Fives was pretty damn good for just tossing stuff in a pot. Not spectacular, but good to drink down. 3 grains (Golden Promise, biscuit, wheat), 2 hops (millenium and EKG) over 5 additions, boiled for 55 minutes, primary for 2 weeks, secondary for 3. Her Apple Corps is strong.
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May 2009
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Thinking about doing a peach weizen since they're local and in season now. Thoughts?
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Sep 2008
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Originally Posted by SmugMug View Post
Thinking about doing a peach weizen since they're local and in season now. Thoughts?
You know, that does sound good. You are going to have issues with the sugar, ripe peaches tend to be SWEET.

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Mar 2009
Triune, TN
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Peach weizen would be great. Long ago (20 years?) I made an apricot weiss that was scary good. I don't remember if I had any real issues with the sweetness that Capt. noted. I think it was just 1 lb./gal. in the secondary for two weeks. Let us know how it turns out and post your recipe.

As for the weird experiment beers, I am planning a test to see what fruits go best with a simple pale ale. I'm collecting 1 gallon bottles and going to parse a five gallon batch from the primary and add different fruits to each bottle. So far, the fruits are blueberry, blackberry, pineapple, lemon/lime/orange zest, and, if I can find some ripe ones, mango. I think I'll add peach and see what else looks good in the supermarket.

I'll start a thread when I get this going and keep y'all posted.

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