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Jan 2009
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I searched but couldn't really find what I was looking for.

I'm going to place an order tomorrow since Austin Homebrew is having a 10% off sale. For my first 5 beers, I've used LME for all my beers. I had a few questions.

1: Is there any real advantage of using DME over LME, and vice versa?

2: What's the conversion ratio for LME to DME. For example, if I was using 6 lbs of LME, how much DME do I need?

3: How and when do you add the DME to the boil?

Thanks in advance

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Dec 2008
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I prefer DME over liquid.
1. The main advantage for me is ease of use. Empty the bag of DME into a bowl first before pouring into the boil as the moisture from the boil pot gums up the bag.
2. You will get a better yield from DME, figure 1.044 per gallon
3. I do a full boil and will add the entire amount of DME from the beginning and figure my hop utilization based on that gravity.
Just the way I do it.
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Mar 2009
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Lighter colored beer is another advantage.
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Mar 2009
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Originally Posted by boydak View Post
Lighter colored beer is another advantage.

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DME advantages:
Easier to store opened containers - Keep it in a ziplock bag
More stable in storage - It keeps for years - LME gets darker as it gets older, which can result in an unnaturally dark beer.

LME advantages:
Some say it makes better tasting brews

To convert LME recipes to DME, multiply the LME weights by 0.8, so 6 lb LME is equivalent to 4.8 lb DME

In England, DME is LME. (It is diastatic malt extract - a syrup). If in England, and you want dry malt extract, look for spray dried malt extract.

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Feb 2009
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6 lbs LME =~ 5 lbs DME
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Jun 2008
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I prefer DME. It's easier to handle, you can get it all out of the container with no utensils, and there's not as much worry that it's been sitting around on a shelf for a long time.

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Apr 2009
Dublin, Ireland
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Does anyone use DME for late extract editions in a partial boil ? Palmer recommends LME for late additions due to the difficulty in dissolving DME in boiling wort. I have been following Palmer's method but would use all DME if I could.

Another advantage of DME is that it is about 15% cheaper than LME (at least in this part of the world it is)

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The trick with adding DME late is to turn off the heat.

Add only one lb at a time and dissolve then add the subsequent DME.
HB Bill

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Aug 2008
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I prefer LME because it's easier to incorporate in the wort, IMO. Pull the pot off the hot burner, stir it in and back on the burner. No clumps floating around that you have to try to break up or whisk out. Some folks report a different taste from LME, but I haven't experienced. That could be because I don't use canned LME though.

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