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Mar 2009
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dude, gatlinburg is a joke. the best thing you might find is a winery. im a wine guy, but fruit wine, so basically im a beer guy that doesnt want to make beer cuz its not strong enough if youre going to the trouble to make something.

but seroiusly, go to pisgah forest and hike to looking glass. you will not regret it i promise

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Originally Posted by dash14251 View Post
dude, gatlinburg is a joke.

but seroiusly, go to pisgah forest and hike to looking glass. you will not regret it i promise
i lived in Knoxville for a time and would go to Galtlinburg to snowboard occasionally if i didn't have the time/money to drive to Boone. That place definitely sucks. The only positives are the hiking around it. I had an epic hiking trip about 20 mins outside of Gatlinburg a few years back.

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I'm glad to see I'm not alone in this. I did find go to the brewery, they have an excellent porter and a really good pale ale. The winery was average at best.

She told me they brew all of their fruit wines as extracts, says that's the only way they "they don't end up with brandy" Silly tourists towns.
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Personally, I am very grateful for Gatlingburg. It keeps you tacky crap tourists out of my area of the Appalachains.
Jill Mc

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What did you weenies think Gatlingburg was? A magical place with rainbows and unicorns? It's a tourist trap, a place to go to spend lot's of money. Not unlike thousands of other places in the USA.

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Man... I have been to Gatlinburg a few times... it sucked.

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I visited Gatlinburg in the 80s. It was nice back then.
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I used to go thru the Smokeys several times a year, always over the top on 444, but it was 10-15 years ago.

Back then, Pigeon forge was the worst thing I had ever seen, or could ever imagine. A mini Vegas strip of the lowest form of tourist traps, with every conceivable fast food joint within every mile, for miles and miles on end. It was like a Daytona Beach of 'bleh'. It can't have gotten any better.

It was a godsend to get to Gatlinburg, but I rarely stepped out of the vehicle within the city limits. It reminds me of Mackinaw Island, with less water and more hills. An 8 year old's delight, with the cheesy attractions, taffy and fudge.

BUT, the rivers are made of boulders, on a steep angle going down the mountain, right next to the road, pretty much the whole way on both sides of the mountain. Clingman's Dome, Mt Mitchell, Pisgah and the Blue Ridge Trail going NE is killer. Mt Michell is the tallest peak east of the Mississippi.


The 'Burg' is grossly over rated, but you can't say enough about the land.
Originally Posted by orfy
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This is HBT of course. Normal Thread that goes every direction but the one intended. This forum should be scientific proof the beer causes ADD

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I went there for my honeymoon.. all i could find was a couple wineries.. and a place called the Fox and Parrot Tavern.. its in the arts and crafts district.. they had a few decent things on tap there.. at least they did when I was there.. they are a traditional english pub so look for just english stuff on tap.

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