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Oct 2008
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I did a quick search but couldn't find an answer for this. Specifically, I have brewed my first batch in a 32 Gallon Rubbermaid Brute. Actualy it's a 4 cooper's beer kit batch in it.

Anyways I may have screwed up measuring the water a bit. To help me gauge the contents I was wondering if trash cans (my brute) inner rim, the groove close to the top, is the content mark, like for pails and buckets?

any help would probably help!


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What's your OG...what should it be...there in lies the answer. If you cant answer that. how full is the brute in inches...how tall is the whole can...maybe someone can guestimate for you.

Basicly, if you are doing a 20 gallon batch in a 3 gallon brute...you should be 2/3 full +- of course.

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Joe Camel
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Weigh it.

If you have another empty Rubbermaid, weigh it and subtract this from the weight of the full container to get the weight of the liquid.

Divide by the SG and then by 8.32 pounds per gallon. This should be the volume of your beer. (I may be wrong, I usually work in metric which is much easier)

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That groove is probably a mold parting line.
Trash cans aren't made to measure volume.
They aren't advertised as 'food grade' either.

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Oct 2008
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Thanks for all the replies!

All good ideas.

The weighting, is, I thought the best also, I tried initially but the wife stopped me when the bottom was grooving out. I will but on a piece of wood and do it with a buddy tomorrow.

I will look at the SG tonight, see If it help the me figure it out.

Looking at the numbers... 32 Gallons is 121 litres (the vessel) and 4 kits are 84 litres. It is 2/3 full a tad more... so probably I added a bit to much...

HairyDogBrewing FYI.: Rubbermaid Brute White, Grey and yellow are food grade containers and are used in wine making operation, espacially in little Italy


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Originally Posted by HairyDogBrewing View Post
They aren't advertised as 'food grade' either.
But some of them are and they make a cheap fermenter.
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bad coffee
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meh, if it's done and in the fermenter, it's gonna be beer.

Before the next batch, mark the bucket. Get a 1 gallon pitcher and go to town.

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Measure the length, width and height of the wort in the bucket, calculate into cubic inches and convert to gallons.

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or use this handy calculator from a fellow HBT members web site
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Oct 2008
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Originally Posted by Ferrousity View Post
or use this handy calculator from a fellow HBT members web site
Man Skirt Brewing Co.
SWEET! This is a great tool!

If the calculator is correct and hopefully I know how to work a measuring tape...

I added a bit too much but I wont loose any flavour in my opinion.

the kits should be 84 litres = 22.1904524 US gallons

I came in @ 23.12 Gallon with the calculator! So all is good!

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