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Originally Posted by Beerrific View Post
This guy seems dim. Don't respond to a state's AG office? Really? lolz
I received an AG complaint once and my response was back in the mail within the hour.

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Oct 2008
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Tom Hargrave is a piece of work....see the video here

I Like the part were hes interviewed what appears to be his driveway and says
"You got better things to do than chase people down...its like 6:30, 7 o'clock." OMG its like late or something to him....but he has no problems ripping people off at all hours of the day.

Here is the text version,7790979.story

Here are some user Comments along with Tom Hargrave's.... an hour and a half before it aired on the tv.
I Like how he says he was assaulted by the reporters coming to his house at 7pm, and that they should be

His web site indicates his shop is open Friday's from 6 to 8 pm and Saturday's by appointment.
Plus time and time again, his voice mail was full and we weren't able to leave a message.
We eventually found him coming home from work.

Reason: added more links

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yeah, I saw the report also.......he was PISSED!!!! Got some good quotes....

"I'm busy and so are you! You have better things to do that track people down at 6:30"......hahahahhahah

and my favorite, "I'm not cheating anyone!"

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Mar 2009
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Maybe finally this criminal will be put out of business. He's on the television website bragging on the fact that that story will only cause his Google rankings to go up. What a piece of work.

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It's assault when someone actually pulls the rock up that you scurry under to hide from your customers Tom? Seriously?

Here's an idea. Take a hit on your profit margin and get someone to fill orders for you. You'll be able to fill more orders, make more cash and you might get return customers.

I would hate for this guy to put a black eye on the effort in Alabama to legalize homebrewing. He's just the negative, criminal element that would be used to torpedo the bill in the legislature.
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I can't believe this guy is still in business. If the AG's office doesn't shut him down, I imagine eventually he'll get hit with a class action suit when he manages to piss off a homebrewing lawyer.
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Originally Posted by Soperbrew
big brother only monitors facebook and untappd

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Mar 2009
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Originally Posted by Saccharomyces View Post
I can't believe this guy is still in business. If the AG's office doesn't shut him down, I imagine eventually he'll get hit with a class action suit when he manages to piss off a homebrewing lawyer.
Or a fellow HD rider with chapter brothers in the county.

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kegkits investigation, video and comments

I want all of you to know that legitimate homebrewers in north Alabama have nothing to do with this guy. He tried to join a respected club 4 years ago. He was not liked and was not welcome.

Tom Hargrave's continuing fraud is a real shame to the Alabama homebrewing community. And all this news comes at a time when honest Alabama homebrewers are struggling to gain legal status for their hobby. Hopefully, all of the exposure will serve to hasten the demise of this business. It's hard enough already to have to overcome the stereotypes and misconceptions that we have to deal with in the Alabama legislature. We sure don't need this.

No self respecting local homebrewer supports this business, and that has been the case for many years. Tom hargrave attempted to affiliate with a reputable local homebrew club four years ago, but it was clear that he only wanted to peddle his wares. He was quickly run off.

The fact that the business continues to exist is an embarrassment to us. We want no association with it. If any of you know local homebrewers who are unaware of Tom's business practices and who make purchases there, please urge them to stop. This is a business that should cease to exist.

It really is sickening to see Tom gloat in his increased search engine rankings as a result of this story. I urge WHNT to replace the link on its story to the BBB page on this business.

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Why not just be honest ??

Great news video

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Dec 2008
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I recieved my order after about 2 weeks. Not bad all considered but I was worried after what I read here.
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