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Jan 2009
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IMO, it's better to simply eyeball the grist and make adjustments on the basis of your observations if needed. One of the reasons I say this is because there are some variables that can affect the crush other than the mill gap such as the speed that the mill turns and the type of grain being milled. You are definitely in the ball park with the 35-40 gap, but only you can fine tune it from there to suit your needs more precisely.

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Originally Posted by RandalG View Post
I just picked up a Barley Crusher yesterday. Getting ready to do my first AG this weekend.So is .035 -.040 the setting most people use?
The default setting (.039) gets most brewers into the 77-85% efficiency range. I tried adjusting mine a couple times, and after a stuck sparge, realized that it wasn't worth it for and extra couple of points.
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Adding the blades together is how they are meant to be used.

You shouldn't need to adjust a BC. I had a mishap with mine and got it all out of whack. I tried to eyeball it before a brew. Tore my husk to shreds and by beer is all husky now and tannin-rific.

I brought home the feelers from the garage and realized I had it near .025. Oh oops.
I set mine to .036 for the next brew and will see where that takes me. I have a feeling I will put it back just the way it came, but I gotta see.

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Yeah, I wouldn't attempt to adjust it. It's hard to keep it even and you are just asking for a headache.

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If you feel a real need to tighten it down, especially much below 0.035" or so, you should look into conditioning your grain before you run it through. It makes a HUGE difference, but not required if you leave it around the default setting.
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Besides cutting the o-ring out I left my BC alone. Works perfect IMO.
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I thought mine might have been adjusted wrong from the factory but after checking it, I can get the .039 through it but it is quite snug. .035 slides in a little easier.

I left it alone after checking it. They seem pretty good from the factory.

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FYI guys...

After my first batch I encountered multiple stuck sparges. I had verified the std .039 factory setting and since this was the same as my LHBS which I previously used, was puzzled why the grind seemed finer (wasn't obvious looking at it).

I talked to the folks who make this product and they told me it's designed to be used at 300rpm or less otherwise it shreds the grain instead of crushing it. I had used my 3/8 drill and when I checked it was rated at 700rpm.

I made a separate drive system at work, calibrated it for 300rpm and guess what... works great with no stuck sparges.

Anyway... be aware of the higher speeds. You will get higher efficiency at the risk of stuck sparges and less consistency of grind.

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