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Oct 2008
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Most of my beers so far I've left on yeast for 3-4 weeks depending on how busy(lazy) I am. After that month in primary, I rack directly to kegs. I've had a pretty nice pipeline flowing so most batches were aging at least a couple weeks in the keg before being gassed/served.
These have all been fairly average beers, nothing real high gravity. I know the higher the gravity, more complex = longer to mellow out a bit. I'm curious to find out from anybody else that doesn't secondary...How long do you wait until serving after racking from primary? Do you keg condition for another couple weeks/month or serve after a week of gas?

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Dec 2008
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a taste test, definitely. some beers just take longer than others. i'll age it for 2-3 weeks in primary, 1-2 in secondary, then keg it and taste it about once a week just to get a feel for where it's going to go. as soon as i think it's delicious i start drinking it and sharing with friends.
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agreed... must be us folks in ames thinking alike!
primary: APA

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For a house/ session pale ale I will primary for 2-3 weeks and then keg condition 2-3, cold crash and tap. In general 3+3 tastes better to me, but having people over more often pushed the curve to the fastt side. It was the main reason I got into fermenting under pressure.

When I have enough space and enough carboys I wanna do a basic pale in primary (OG maybe 1.040) for six weeks and secondary it for eight weeks before carbing just to see how it comes out.

For OG greater than 1.060 I'll go six weeks on the yeast routinely and then secondary for _months_, sampling occasionally. I brewed my 888RIS Tgiving 2007, moved to secondary just before the Superbowl and bottled in April.

From what I have read of historic hard ciders 6-8 weeks on the cake followed by ten months in secondary might be a great idea. I'll be trying it with my next batch.

A nice thing about using Cornies as secondaries is I can get a taste sample out real easy.

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Nov 2008
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Ditto, I serve when I think it's good.

But I let primary for about 2 weeks on most. Fermentation on most ales (<1.060 -1.070) is almost always done in 2 weeks. Or at least it's where I want it.

I don't secondary. Then I keg. I force carb it up and pour myself a pint within a few days. It usually needs a week to clear up.

I find this works fine for most. So I'm serving clear beer in 3 weeks. But they seem to hit their stride after a month or two on keg.

Bottles are great for me after 4 weeks @70-72 F.

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Oct 2008
Miami, FL
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Haven't been doing it long but I primary 4 weeks and keg condition 3 weeks. End of conditioning i'l tap n pour out trub. Pour sample into a cold glass and taste. If its good i'l fridge it

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Mar 2008
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6 weeks. Kegged or bottled.

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