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Feb 2009
West Michigan
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Well after getting back into homebrewing I have almost drank all my first batch of pilsner that I brewed and I love the flavor! But I went golfing with my bro and he bought some commercial made beer and I had a hard time drinking it down, it tasted weak, watered down and had a blaaaah type of flavor. I never thought it was that bad before, what happened to me?


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Sep 2007
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You saw the light (and I'm not talking about the color of your beer)

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Dec 2008
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Seriously, the effect brewing and brewing well has on your taste in beers is akin to "waking up" after being plugged in to the Matrix for most of your life. the real world!
I am find there is brewing going on here!


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Mar 2008
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Idk, I generaly find the beer i brew to be inferior to the beer I buy.

That said, I buy really nice beer.

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Oct 2008
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What was the "commercial made beer"? I think that makes a difference here.
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May 2009
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If you are comparing your home brew to a commercial made pilsner, ie one of the big 3, you will definitely find more flavor in just about anything you do. The big 3 taylor their beers for crispness and lightness because that is what the average american consumer buys. A light, less filling beer. They do this among other ways, by using some rice in place of grain, and hard cold crashing the beer which further removes flavor enhancers.
They get a crisp light beer, but not much flavor in dem der beers.
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Oct 2007
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Paradigm shift FTW.

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