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May 2009
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Regarding CO2 regulators, does it matter if you have a really good one? pressure is pressure right? I know there is a one gauge and two gauge one? I do not know much about the regulators/gauges and was hoping you could help me determine what would be right for my needs.

I am looking for something in the 'good' range. Don't need anything fancy, but do not what to be wasting my money on some cheap crap that will not work after a year. I will be running either a single pony or slim keg to a single perlick faucet.

Is it better to house the CO2 inside or outside? I am willing to modify my design for my kegerator to accomodate either.

Thanks in advance for all of the help guys!

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Can't help as to the question of which regulator to buy, mine are all used.

As to the question of inside or outside... ultimately, it's a question of space. My tank is outside, but that's so I can fit four kegs inside along with a bunch of bottles. If you're only doing a single tap and have room for the tank inside, there's no DISADVANTAGE of the CO2 being inside other than it's less space for another keg (you might want to cold-condition a beer, for example).

Don't think you won't want a second faucet someday, too!
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There's no need to get anything expensive. A single gage unit is fine. The second gage is supposed to let you know when the tank is empty, and it does do that, but only when it's nearly too late. The CO2 in the tank will maintain a near constant pressure (depending on the ambient temperature) until is is almost empty. You can easily judge how much CO2 remains in the tank by weighing it. The empty weight of the cylinder will be stamped on the side of the tank near the valve. It will be designated with TW which stands for tare weight (weight of the container). You will need to add the weight of the regulator to the TW if you weigh them together. So, my advice is to by a brand name regulator for somewhere in the neighborhood of $50. The reason that a brand name is desirable is so that you can get replacement parts for it if needed. Eventually the regulator diaphram might need to be replaced and it's nice to be able to buy an overhaul kit at much less cost than an entirely new replacement regulator. I have a cheapo Cornelius brand single gage regulator that has served me well for many years and it's still going strong. You may be able to snag a bargain if you look around on Ebay or Craigslist. Sometimes you can pick up a tank and a regulator at a very low cost this way.

You can store the tank either inside or outside of the kegerator or whatever serving fridge you happen to have. The tanks and regulator are not usually particularly attractive, so many of us store them inside with the beer kegs. Others, like me, don't mind the ugliness and would rather use the room for more beer. A lot depends on what the lady of the house will put up with.

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Not sure if all regulators have a safety blow off valve, but you should make sure you have one. Some regulators have quad o-rings built in which eliminate the need for the plastic or felt rings. Not sure of the longevity of the quad rings, but they are replaceable even though some claim them to be lifetime use. I have a Tap-rite 742 and it works fine!

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People like these. I went with the Classic but mine has two gauges, and two shut-offs in a 'Y'.

The sweet one are the big money ones.

I went with these because I wanted to make getting a rebuild kit easier to obtain.

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