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Anyone grow jelopes or others from seeds? anyway to speed up the process from seed to seedling?Im afraid i may have started to late. Seeds planted in potting soil in dixxie cups.

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Yeah a tad late, I started mine in Feb and they are 3-5" tall depending on type. Keep the seeds in the warmest place possible (just not the oven at 500) and give as much sunlight as possible once they sprout. May not get any or many peppers until later in the summer but I do know peppers will produce until the frost kills them even though the cooler weather in the fall slows them down.

If you have a heat pad or electric blanket that will help them germinate too.

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I have some seeds for the Naga Morich, one of the hottest peppers in the world. It came with dried samples... holy crap these are potent.

I tried planting those last summer but I didn't give them NEARLY enough sun for them to grow up. I may plant some more, might be too late but who knows.
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Originally Posted by friarjohn View Post
Anyone grow jelopes or others from seeds? anyway to speed up the process from seed to seedling?Im afraid i may have started to late. Seeds planted in potting soil in dixxie cups.
You might give this a try: Humisolve2.html Follow the directions.

I like to dose my seedlings with this: Root Stimulator & Plant Starter Solution 4-10-3 : Ferti-lome At least twice (about a week or 10 days apart) & right after transplanting.

I also make my own potting soil: 2 parts sterile manure, 1 part strerile peat, 1 part native soil, 0.5 part earthworm castings.

Growlights indoors help too.

After they've been outside for a week or two, I like to dose them with liquid Ironite. After that it's just mild fertilizer every 3 weeks or so & more Ironite if it needs it. Hope you find some of this info useful. Regards, GF.

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I am the wrong one to answer this question due to historical results. A couple of years ago, I got a window box, bag of Miracle Grow, and plenty of TLC. I planted the seeds and nurtured them... I talked to them and treated like my own children. About the same time, while laughing at me, my wife took a handful of seeds, kicked out a spot in the hard red dirt and tossed them in and stomped them down. She watered hers only every once in a while. Within a few weeks, she had freakin" jalapeno "trees" with more damn peppers on them than we could eat. My plants....well, they were green.....
Never, and I mean NEVER compete with a Hispanic woman at growing peppers!
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I use an old aquarium with a heating pad covered with a garbage bag for germination then switch to a plastic tote with 4- 3 foot florescent lights on top ( eight lights total ) .

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