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Dec 2008
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I just used about 37 0.5 L bottles to bottle my scottish 80 schilling with 4 oz corn sugar. The bottom begins to bulge, but it still seems very sturdy. I am telling you all this because there is a misconception that these bottles are unable to hold pressure. I had asked numerous times and most people said any amount of pressure will make these bottles explode.

So if you are looking for some cheap bottles go pick up a 32 pack of Nestle Pure life or any other brand of water for $5.

This is the kind I am talking about.

Also by the way, if anyone does decide to use some water bottles, I would recommend throwing them out after one use simply because if the bottom is bulged out it just doesnt seem like a good idea to recarbonate in them.


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How many volumes was that?

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Jan 2009
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there is a misconception that these bottles are unable to hold pressure
I guess it depends on your definition of "able".

I had asked numerous times and most people said any amount of pressure will make these bottles explode.
I looked in the two threads you started on this topic and nobody said that.

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Oct 2008
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How permeable to gas movement are they. I imagine after a few weeks, all the co2 would eventually find it's way out of the bottle.

And I don't know why you would risk a $30 batch of beer on these bottles.
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Apr 2009
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I just bottled my first batch using a mixture of 0.5l German Weissbier bottles and 1 litre PET bottles. I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing beer in plastic bottles with a screw top so will move to all glass as soon as I can drink enough Paulaner to have enough bottles. I think the de-labeled Weissbier bottles just look so cool.

Edit: Although having 1 clear PET bottle is nice as you can feel the beer carbonating, check the clarity and see the sediment settling at the bottom,

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Mar 2009
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I think I would be less worried about the pressure, and more concerned with the fact that they are clear bottles. But that's just me. I guess this is a good tip to file under the "Frugal Brewer" category?
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May 2009
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I used plastic bottles once when I was making beer (a la Mr. Beer) in college. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD idea. Gave the beer a horrible off-flavor and killed any kind of head you might have had. I made that batch with 1/2 glass (we were dirt poor) and 1/2 plastic and the difference between the two were night and day. Just don't do it.
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Sep 2008
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I've used PET bottles that came with my Coopers since September. I am not going to use them anymore because some bottles from my last batch did not have that much carbonation. I've used them for around 10 batches so I think thats enough. I also used seltzer bottles and they are still ok. Water bottles on the other hand I dont think will work that well since they are not supposed to hold pressure.
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Apr 2009
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This is not really meant to be a cheap hobby. im usually all about pinching a penny or two if possible but its not really worth it to risk a whole batch on cheap plastic bottles. might as well spend the money on bottles that can be re-used over and over.

plus i can see the plastic giving an off flavor like what SmugMug said.
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Feb 2009
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I'm a little disorganized with my bottle keeping and when it comes time to bottle I always have a combination of plastic & glass. The plastic bottles I use include both the 0.5L PET bottles that homebrew shops sell, as well as the 591mL coke-style bottles (I prefer ones that come with club soda, but if I have to use ones that came with coke in them, I'll soak them overnight in oxyclean which seems to destroy all coke flavour leftovers).

Anyways I digress. Basically I've never noticed a difference between glass and plastic. However...I usually drink my beer faster than oxygen could theoretically permeate the plastic! That being said if I can exercise enough control to set a few bottles away for a year I'll make sure they're glass.

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