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Mar 2009
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Hey guys. So I started a batch of Ed Wort's Apfelwein one month ago. I checked up on it today it everything looks fine. I was told as soon as I turns clear it is ready to bottle. I took some pictures hopefully you can tell me if you think I am close to it being done. I don't know if just by looking at it but any info would be greatly appreciated.


* ^^This one I put a flashlight on the other side and tried taking a picture on the other side to see how clear it is.


Thanks everyone

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Aug 2008
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I looks pretty good. Mine turn crystal clear at around 6 weeks. What's the gravity at this point? I'm on my third 5 gallon batch and they have all finished around 0.998.

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If you're not sure if it's clear enough - give it two more weeks!

seriously, why rush to bottle? I'd rather let it clear in the carboy (and you're also bulk aging pretty much so it will be drinkable quicker once you bottle).

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Apr 2009
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Yours looks a lot more clear than the batch I brewed on 3/23. I also have a ton of sediment on the bottom (Almost 2 inches). I used turbinado sugar since my wife is allergic to corn sugar. Maybe that has something to do with my color and sediment.

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Apr 2009
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Yeah, it looks good, but it can be clearer. It's not hurting anything to leave it for a few more weeks.


(Relax, don't worry, have an EdWort's Apfelwein!)
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Nov 2007
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Definitely give it a couple more works as advised, it has a decent amount more clearing to do.
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I concur. Let it clear longer. Put a piece of newspaper behind it. When you can read it through the carboy, then you know it ready!

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Jan 2009
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Did you use Montrechet or another type of yeast? I'm using Lalvin EC-1118 and I'm starting to think it'll never clear enough to read a newspaper through it! It's at 7 weeks currently.
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i use lavlin ec-1118 all the time and it has always cleared perfectly
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Dec 2008
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