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Default help, my wife spit in my beer

OK she didn't actually spit in my beer but she splashed a mouthful of beer into it when I had her siphon into a secondary vessel. Now I know you all are going to say to get a siphon tube of some sort...And yes I should. And in fact after tonight I did by one....But I have been doing a lot of low budget brewing over the last couple years and have just mouth primed my tubing during a transfer, I dont slobber all over the tube and have never had a problem with pintch the tube and not spilling what is in my mouth into anything.

But tonight (I have a sore throat and dont want to infect anyone with what ever is going on) I asked my wife to start the suction for me and when she did she let the tital wave of beer spash out of her mouth and into my batch. You would have thought we were siphoning off gasoline the way she reacted. So here is my question. Is this batch a gonner? I know hops are antibacterial in a way and that the alcohol present will help keep things somewhat safe. my plan right now is to go ahead with it and make sure I am the first and only one to drink it when it is ready until it's safety can be confirmed. Anyone have a similar problem that turned out ok?

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just keg it keep it cool and drink it soon and you will be fine

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It'll be fine.

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Make mad passionate love to your wife tonight. If your not sick in six weeks the beer will be ready to drink...
Originally Posted by Me
In the process of buying a bar... One drink at a time...
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...homebrew contains more satisfactrons per serving, so you don't have to drink as much as you would a commercial beer to get to your satisfactron saturation.
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On the other hand, if you're sick in six weeks, perhaps she's seeing someone else...

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I am surprised no one has made the obligatory "tell her to swollow it next time" comment...

However, if it was already fermented, I +1 for keep it cool and drink it soon.
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You could always call it something like "In Your Eye <insert style here>"...

Oh, and +1 on the telling her to swa...never mind
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That naughty girls needs a good spanking! Oh yeah!
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There have been angry wives try to ruin a batch and fail. I doubt your wife was successful by accident.
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It's always time to worry when your wife gives you an infection. You should really teach her to swallow......OK, I'm done......Sorry.

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