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Apr 2009
Southeast Ohio
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Last night I decided to try my very first Home Brew. Irish stout from a can (Ironmaster). Even after only a week and a half in my basement, that was a nice bottle, that I can only hope will get better in 3-9 weeks. Of course, the problem will be waiting that long. I already have started 2 other brews. Damn this hobby, it's addicting. So, other than brewing, how do you guys pass the time, waiting for that next masterpiece in the closet?

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Dec 2008
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plant hops, brew more, fish, golf, drink, work....

btw: welcome to HBT...there is an infinite amount of info here for all to consume!
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Advice for posting

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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
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Dec 2007
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Buy a couple more buckets and brew some more...

It's called having a pipeline, beers at different levels of readiness...this was something I wrote a few months ago, it sums up my pipeline at the time.

I leave 99% of my beers in primary for a month...then I bottle...and right now I can't get 70 degrees in my loft to save my life...so I don't expect ANY of my beers to be carbed on time....so in the interim, I buy mix sixers of various beers to try as research for the next beers I plan on brewing and to build up my bottle stock.

For Example, I brewed my Pumpkin Ale for Thanksgiving on Labor Day...figuring at 8 weeks, I MIGHT have some ready for Holloween...But they were still green, so I only brought a couple to my annuual Halloween thingy, along with a sampler of commercial pumpkins...BUT come Turkey Day the beer was fantastic, and was a hit at the holiday.

Right now this is my current inventory...

Drinking....IPA, various bottles of Oaked Smoked Brown Ale, Smoked brown ale, Poor Richard's Ale, Biermuncher's Centennial Blonde (but as a Lager,)
Avoiding....Marris Otter/Argentinian Cascade SMaSH (It sucks)
Bottle Conditioning..... Chocolate Mole Porter, Belgian Dark Strong Ale, Peach Mead
In Primary.....Schwartzbier, Vienna Lager
Bulk Aging....Mead
Lagering....Dead Guy Clone Lager

Pretty much anything still in Primary or Lagering I will not be drinking til the end of March, but more than likely April....The Mole Porter needs a minimum several more weeks as well....but the Belgian Strong is prolly going to need 3-6 months to be ready...

The Swartzbier has 3 weeks more in primary, then another month lagering, THEN 3 weeks at least in the bottles...

Some weeks I take a break from my own beers to drink a couple sixers of samplers, so I don't drink ALL my current and other ready beers before the others comes online....Plus I'm craving a couple of styles that I don't have ready (like Vienna Lager) so I will make a bottle run....I also get to try new styles to come up with new ones to brew down the line.

And I'm also probably going to brew something this weekend...don't know what yet...maybe a low abv mild that I would only leave in primary till fermentation is stopped then bottled..so hopefully in a month they will drinkable.....
But do you see...you too one day will have a pipleine....and the wait will be nothing...you will have things at various stages...

This quote from one of my friends sums it up....

Originally Posted by dontman View Post

The nice thing is to get to a point in your pipeline where you are glancing through your BeerSmith brew log and realize that you have a beer that you have not even tried yet and it has been in bottle over 6 weeks. This happened to me this weekend. The beer was farging delicious.
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May 2009
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Anyone know where I can find a wife brainwashing kit? I would kill to get a pipeline running, but I know the wife would have a duck over the thought of it. Wish I had a temp controlled garage...I'd be in business.
Poor planning on your part doesn't necessitate an emergency on mine.

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Apr 2009
Southeast Ohio
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I need one of those. SWMBO needs some...correction.

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Feb 2009
Metro Detroit
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Originally Posted by SmugMug View Post
Anyone know where I can find a wife brainwashing kit? .
asking for permission is worse than asking for forgiveness.

(take it from me - female )

In my case - i have to find a husband brainwashing kit to let me gut the kitchen to make room for a ferment cabinet and gas stove
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Dork of all Tech
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Dec 2008
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Originally Posted by SmugMug View Post
Anyone know where I can find a wife brainwashing kit? I would kill to get a pipeline running, but I know the wife would have a duck over the thought of it. Wish I had a temp controlled garage...I'd be in business.

I am just starting out, but i have decided to follow this formula,

1 brew for me, 1 for SWMBO, 2 Brews for me, 1 for SWMBO,......

since she doesn't drink beer as often as i do this should allow me to get quite the pipeline running.

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Jan 2007
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I pass the time by going outside and shooting pistols in the air while I dance around my hat. Found out if I can keep beer in my fermentation chamber than the little lady can't complain about by beer equipment taking up room. YEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAa

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Jan 2009
Palos Hills, IL
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I started out with 2 buckets and 2 carboys, now I have 3 buckets and 8 carboys and beers at all levels of readiness.

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Apr 2009
Portland, OR
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I went from a Mr. Beer, to an ale pail and a Mr. Beer, to a conical and an ale pail and a Mr. Beer, to 2 carboys and a conical and an ale pail and a Mr. Beer, all in the space of a month.

Right now, I have 29 gallons of beer/apfelwein in various stages of fermenting/conditioning/carbing, and I have little faith that it's enough. I mean, heck, the bride and I go through near on a gallon of alcohol (beer + booze) a day when we're healthy!
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