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Originally Posted by Beerzoid View Post
That is ridiculous, I've never heard of any company changing their Accounts Payable terms to suppliers to something that crazy.
Walmart? Often the goods made in China are sold here in the US before they are paid for...
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Originally Posted by Soperbrew
big brother only monitors facebook and untappd

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Funny, I really expected to see at least a few beers on that list that I drink, but not a single one.

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Other than laughing at their commercials during the Super Bo... er, the Big Game, I don't contribute to them at all...

It has been a good year / year and a half since I purchased anything from A-B...

After watching Beer Wars, I plan on buying even less...
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Originally Posted by Timberwolf View Post
Non-Alcoholic beer is like going down on your cousin, it might taste the same but it just ain’t right!

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Ha, after I just got done preaching to my friend's SWMBO about Blue Moon (Coors) and Michelob I am humbled by the news that Franziskaner and Spaten are owned by them...

I always assumed they were owned by a larger, more sinister company, but not InBev
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Displaced MassHole
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All the more reason to have no ethical problems with the origination of my keggles!!!
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Aw, not Franziskaner! Oh well, at least I'll be brewing my dunkel next week.
Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
I'm a fan of "getting it in the can"!

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Those bastards. Trying to save money and crap.
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As was said earlier in this thread, there's nothing you can do as an individual about this- except: Don't. Buy. Their. Beer.
That's what I do.....and I was tempted to try Bud American Ale. And I didn't. And I've been tempted to try all those little Michelin "Oh, lookie, we can make a craft brew, too!" items. And I haven't.
The business of the BMCs is essentially trying to muscle into all the nooks and crannies of an essentially inelastic market. Every time a Coors buys out a Blue Moon, we're headed back to the bad old days of "New improved beer, same as the old beer." We can't prevent an InBev takeover, but every six you buy helps, too.....just DON'T, that's all.
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Originally Posted by Displaced MassHole View Post
All the more reason to have no ethical problems with the origination of my keggles!!!

there is the way to destroying InBev profit margin!

BMC Keggles for everyone !!!

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Originally Posted by Keim View Post
60 days is not outside the business norm. Double that is. And it IS wrong. Essentially what they are doing is taking an interest free loan.
It's not great for the suppliers, but they sadly don't have a choice as A-B is probably their biggest client. That's what happens in oligarchies, the big companies can abuse of their power (think oil).

The worst is that Wal-Mart actually does something one level up: They don't buy any of the stock that's in their stores. It belongs to the supplier until Wal-Mart sells it, at which point Wal-Mart makes their profit and pays the supplier.
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