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OK I know it's a daft name, but I am new.

I've been making some great wine from kits so I thought I'd try my own recipe.

I had some grapes that had got a bit dry so I basically juiced them and added a bit of sugar , I also added some sultanas after soaking them in boiling water. The OG was high at the top of the wine band.

I put it in the demi-john with a bit of yeast and within 10 minutes it started vigourously bubbling.

After a couple of days it was still bubbling and I checked the OG which had actually gone up slightly. I think the sugar from the sultanas must have dissolved into the mix.

It's six days now, and the mix is still bubbling vigourously despite the fact the other wines (kits) have stopped yesterday. The sultanas have all floated to the top now, and the mix is a very murky green colour, I've tasted the mix and its still very sweet, but it's obviously still fermenting. (It actually tastes OK, just a bit sweet).

Any idea how long it might carry on fermenting for?

My brew shop man said just leave it for a long long time and it will eventually clear, but I'd like to bottle it so I can use the demi-john again. Am I OK to bottle as soon as it stops bubbling, or should I give it a few days after that?

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Without knowing the exact OG and the type of yeast you used, I'd have to guess at a possible FG, so I can't do that.

I can tell you that going by bubbling vs not bubbling is not indicative of what's happening, and when fermentation is finished. If you bottle before fermentation is finished, you will have bottle bombs. Even "a few days" after it stops bubbling isn't enough to be safe. Maybe a few months.

Or, you could use your hydrometer and see what the readings have been, and determine what the final gravity may be. When the final gravity has stayed the same for at least three weeks, and it's completely clear, it might be safe to bottle if you don't want to want for months.
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