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You use the dme for the fermentable sugar and and taste the crystal that is steeped is for flavoring. The sugars can't convert.

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Ok, I brewed this about 4 weeks ago. I am transferring it to secondary this weekend. My OG was 1.0611 I took a gravity reading tonight and its only down to 1.0273. I used Safbrew T-58 Ale Yeast, it tastes good but I was hoping for better fermentation... What do?

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Originally Posted by nachov View Post
Hi Brandon O,

227 replies to this post!
You've inflamed the forum with that topic

I was just wondering why do you steep with short time (30 minutes, as opposed to "usual" 1h) ?

I'm not sure you would achieve a complete starch conversion in 30min (there is probably not enough time left for the enzymes to finish the conversion).

But maybe, that's the point.
I haven't gone through the 227 replies,
but maybe you don't want the enzymes to break down too much sugar because you are using apple juice in the brew as well.

So, you don't want to get a too high SG.
Is that correct or is there any other particular reason for a 30min steep?

Same question about the short time boil:
by boiling only 30min, do you aim to lower the IBU
and retain more flavours from the hops ?

I was just curious about that.

Anyway, I'll stick to your recipe (with your steep and boil time) and see how it turns out
Thank you!

1. There's no base malt. This is just steeping grains to extract sugars and flavors from the crystal malt. The fermentable sugars all come from the DME and the apple juice. (Technically, some of the starches in the crystal malt making process are also converted before the kilning.)

2. You don't want a lot of hop bitterness in the final product. The 30 minute boil reduces the isomerization of the alpha acids. Also at 30 min you still have some flavor components from the hops. (most of the aromatics will be gone though)

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Making this tomorrow and cant wait. I have read through most of the threads pages over the last month. After typing in the original recipe into beersmith I wanted to up the alcohol percent so I increased everything just a bit. I planned on using equal parts light and amber extract but I already had a lot of light on hand so only got a 1lb of amber. Im also using U.S. Fuggle hops with 5.7 alpha and using White labs 0039 which used to be Nottingham I guess after a conflict White labs has now changed the name to East Midlands Ale Yeast (WL039)

Here is my recipe
14.4oz - Caramel/Crystal Malt 120
1.5oz -Torrified Wheat
2Lbs 2.2oz - Light Dry Extract
1lb - Amber Extract
4 gallons - Wegmans Natural Apple Juice - Hydro reading of 1.052
.5oz - US Fuggle Hops 5.7 Alpha %
1 Package- (WLP039) East Midlands Ale Yeast - Doing 1500ml Starter

BeerSmith is estimating that this will have 9.3% Alc%. I can only hope, I scaled the recipe before buying the apple juice and the estimate was only for 8.2% but that was based of something I read that said apple juice is a reading of 1.040 but after doing a reading last night on the AJ I found out it is way higher.

Well enough of my rant. Once again cant wait to try this

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I apologize if this was already posted, but Northern Brewer had a good podcast on this:
I was at a bar nursing a beer. My nipple was getting quite soggy.
Emo Philips

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I want to make this but was curious, does this bottle like beer (bottle and forget for 2 weeks or more) or does it bottle more like cider (fill a plastic bottle and check for firmness than stove top pastuerize when the bottle is firm to not get bombs?)

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You are not stopping fermentation, as some do with a cider, so you can bottle condition as you would any beer.

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Regarding bottle co conditioning, this uses the usual amount of priming sugar right? I assume the yeasts have chewed through the juice's simple sugars so the remaining gravity points would be attributed to the beer? Do not want exploding bottles.

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yes, give it a few weeks in the primary, then you can add the amount of priming sugar you normally would for the level of carb you want

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Thanks for the recipe, planning to make a batch to test out.

If I were to make a 10gal batch, how would you scale this up properly?

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