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I wanted to come back to post some "on the record" notes for anybody who's interested. I brewed this right around the beginning of February, bottled it 2/23/13 (25 days ago). I followed the original recipe scaled up for a 7.5 gallon batch or so. I used C60, Kirkland AJ, white wheat in place of torrified, and 0.5oz Cascade hops @ 9.1% AA. I fermented at a constant 67F, it finished at 1.008 (down from 1.064), and I carbed with 6oz of sucrose for 2.5 vols CO2. By the numbers, this came out to 7.4% ABV.

I REALLY like this recipe the way it came out for me. Even after the bare-minimum bottle aging time of 2 weeks I found it tart, apple-y, and flavorful. It certainly does NOT taste harsh or alcoholic (to me), though it's definitely got some kick after I've slammed a bomber of it. I'm a fan of tartness, so what some may call harsh or green, I call tasty. I'd almost call it a loss if this gets smoother with age, but I'm sure it will only get better. The only thing I would change is the carbonation level as it's quite foamy even with a sloooooow pour, BUT I also haven't even bothered refrigerating any of these to let them "settle." I've just been pulling them out of the laundry room. I will throw one in the fridge today and let it sit for a while to see how it goes.

All in all, if you're afraid of this taking too long to age out, I say put a batch together NOW, try it when it's carbed, and THEN see if it needs more time. If you think it does, well, you're already 2 weeks into that time by the time you make that decision. Never put off until tomorrow what you could brew today.

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Second batch for me. I used 1# of C60 let it sit for 6 weeks. Kegged it 3 days ago ..."forced carbed" is less tart than my first batch of 0.5 # C60....I love this stuf

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I might through a batch on a Saison yeast cake this weekend. I'll rack it to a secondary and store it til summer. Time should help.

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anyone ever try this with some Hibiscus in it? i think the tartness of it would go well. was thinking either adding the dried rose pedals at flameout, or making a tea and putting it in after fermentation is done, or using the dried rose pedals as a dry hop. i think either way itll have a pretty color and awesome aroma.

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I brewed the below recipe on February 10th.

- 4 gal Costco Kirkland Apple Juice
- 2 lb Amber DME
- 7 oz Crystal 60
- 3 oz Crystal 85
- 2 oz White Wheat Malt
- 4 oz Lactose
- 4 oz Malto-Dextrine

- .5 oz Willamette

- Nottingham

- OG 1.063 FG 1.008

I just had my first glass of this from the keg and it is incredible. The tartness from the apple juice compliments the residual sweetness from the lactose and the mouthfeel of the malto-dextrine. I can't wait to taste this in a couple of months.
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finally got around to making this, following the OP recipe with Safale S-04. I noob'd out and must have not fully dissolved the LME, and it charred on the bottom of the pot. I syphoned off the liquid and left the burnt **** behind, didn't taste too bad pre-pitch
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Mar 2013
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I made one with...

4# 2-row munich
.5# crystal 120
2 oz torrified wheat
2lbs brown sugar (10 min)
.5oz sterling (30 min)

2gallons mashed at 148 for 90min (by accident-forgot about headspace in MLT)

added 2 FCAJ into cooling wort

4 gallons cheap AJ

s-05 yeast

og 1.070
fg 1.006

tasted incredible! I had to stop myself from drinking it out of the primary!
(recommend blowoff)
can't wait until it is carbed!

Very little tartness it tastes like malty apples. - if u want something with a quick turnaround..try this
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Now, just because my first experimental version of this has not turned out the way I hoped, doesn't mean I'm not going to try it again! Any number of things in my 1 gallon batch could have been off. I do love the thought of a malty, lightly hopped, cider. Being a fan of sours and ciders, I know I'll do this again soon and see if I can get it right!

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Mar 2009
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Well I have some initial tasting notes. I recently bottled a batch using plain ole priming sugar. I cracked my first bottle last night and am enjoying a glass as I type this. My first thoughts are to increase the Crystal 60 an additional 1/2lb. I'm also thinking the addition of 1/2lb chocolate malts would really make this brew shine. My logic behind this is there is an edginess to this that needs time to mellow out. With the added crystal 60 or chocolate malts I think this will dull the sharpness of the alcohol. I will update in a month to see how much this brew mellows out. In the mean time. A quick snap of my delectable brew.
Click image for larger version

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Is there an official AG version of this? I'm sick of paying for DME/LME and i just participated in a grain bulk buy so......

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